Dove Cameron Raises Girl Power Awareness

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Ever since her breakup with Ryan McCartan, Dove Cameron has been busier than ever and promoting girl power on new episodes of her hit Disney series, "Liv and Maddie." Just recently, Dove Cameron debuted the episode "Roll Model-a-Rooney" which served as the perfect vehicle for Dove to express her passion for men and women being treated equally.

In the episode, both Liv and Maddie take on quests to prove how important it is for girls and boys to have an even playing field.

On her show, "Sing it Louder," Liv teaches her younger cast mates that they too can have an interest in things like cars or races, despite what girls my be conditioned to believe.

So Liv helps Ruby and Priya build a roller derby car by themselves and win the racing competition against the boys on the show.

Meanwhile, Maddie and Willow take on what they think is a sexist trophy wall at a local restaurant, which proclaims a number of young men champions in tasting spicy peppers.

Willow and Maddie decide to enter a competition to prove that they too can take on tolerating the spiciness of the spiciest chilli peppers in the world.

Although Willow and Maddie do succeed in winning the taste test, they wind up finding out that the wall they thought had been dedicated to male winners actually does have a lot of female winners too and they had been the ones to mistake female names for male ones.

Dove Cameron has also recently been in the news given that Ryan McCartan just released a new single called, "When You Went Away" which most suspect is about his breakup with Dove, In the song, McCartan describes Dove as having broken his heart when she ended their relationship but at the same time, blames himself for the end.

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