Exclusive: Andi Mack's Joshua Rush (Cyrus) Talks Acting, And His Political Ambitions

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As readers of Empty Lighthouse Magazine know, we're big fans of Disney Channel's Andi Mack. The show is a game changer on many levels for Disney, and we're excited to see what comes down the pipeline to follow.

So it was a great honor to get to talk to Joshua Rush, who plays Cyrus on the show, and ask him some questions about his role on the show, his future plans, and more.

Check it out:

ELH: You broke into Hollywood at a young age and have done a lot of films/shows. What has that been like?

Joshua Rush:

I'm proud to be a child actor, but there are always challenges! There's an aspect of being a child actor which is that you have to be a tiny adult! You have to behave like an adult even when you're not, and that's HARD! But I've been proud to do the work I've done and I've been proud of my successes!

ELH: Are you at all like your character (or any of the other characters) on Andi Mack? How?

Joshua Rush:

I'm almost exactly like Cyrus! I feel really connected to him, and some of his lines and actions are actually taken right from things I've said!

ELH: What are the challenges of portraying your character?

Joshua Rush:

In portraying any character there's never going to be everything perfect, but if I've never played a character more like me, so it's kind of been tough realizing that some of the silly and embarrassing aspects of Cyrus are actually things we share!

ELH: Tell us your thoughts about starring on a show that is breaking ground on Disney Channel?

Joshua Rush:

Andi Mack is definitely groundbreaking, but it does still stick to Disney's core values. I truly appreciate the way that the show treads the line to keep it special!

ELH: What is it like working with the creators of the landmark show Lizzie McGuire? The show started before you were born -- have you seen it? What do you think?

Joshua Rush:

Terri Minsky is an incredible writer but also an amazing observer, which I think is part of why "Lizzie" was such a great hit! I can speak for probably all of the cast when I say that Terri has made the characters on Andi Mack increasingly more and more like us, which is amazing! I certainly studied a bit of Lizzie McGuire before I went in for my audition. It was an incredible show and Terri brings a lot of her flavor from it to Andi Mack!

ELH: What issues that have come up on the show do you most relate to?

Joshua Rush:

I think there are a lot of issues that this show deals with, but I think the concept of being loyal to your friends is really important. It's much easier to lose friends than to gain them, but the Good Hair Crew always sticks together!

ELH: What do you like to do outside of acting?

Joshua Rush:

I love to read the news, and I'm really interested in politics! Politics is one of my possible future career options so it's never too early to get learning about the future competition!

ELH: What is it about acting that you love so much?

Joshua Rush:

There's always been something that draws me to work in film. For me it's this opportunity to be someone else, to change who you are. It's also this indescribable feeling of seeing yourself on screen. That's a rush!

ELH: Do you have any charities or causes you are passionate about?

Joshua Rush:

I am very passionate about my work with UNICEF! I recently was part of their UNICEF Kid Power team and I gave away 2 Kid Power bands! My favorite program they do is the 'School In A Box'!

Thanks Joshua!

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