Actor Zachary Levi Unsure If He's Reprising His Role As Flynn Rider In Kingdom Hearts 3

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Actor Zachary Levi voiced the character of Flynn in Disney's popular Tangled animated movie alongside Mandy Moore who played Rapunzel.

Despite Levi voicing the character in the movie, he's unsure if he's going to reprise his role in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3 video game.

As some of you may know already, it was announced not too long ago that the movie Tangled will have a special world/level that you can visit in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Despite the announcement, Levi still does not know if he will reprise the English dub for the game.

The previous trailers featuring Tangled only included Japanese voice actors so far. A fan asked Levi on Twitter if he's in the game and he replied with the following: "No one has asked me, sooo... "

It's entirely possible the English voice acting for the game has not been done yet. The trailer indicated that the game is currently in development so will feature both English text and audio when it finally comes out.

Getting Levi to voice Flynn Rider again should not be too much of a hassle for Disney and Square Enix.

Unlike Tom Hanks and Tim Allen, he should be more available and willing to do the part again in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Hanks and Allen never voiced Woody and Buzz outside of the main Toy Story movies. Different voice actors were Woody and Buzz for the video games and other media.

That said, Levi is currently busy right now filming the Shazam movie for DC and Warner Bros.

Hopefully he is able to voice in the game because fans of Flynn wouldn't like it if the role was given to someone else out of the blue.

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