3 Ways Batman V.S. Superman Can Be The Best Superman Movie ever

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The release of X-Men in late 2000 marked the beginning of a renaissance like none the superhero movie genre had ever seen.

Gone were the campy villains and hackneyed scripts that flooded the market a half decade earlier. In their place were complex characters with compelling stories grafted on the fringes of reality.

But in the era of the "realistic" superhero, the most iconic of them all has been flying at lower altitudes than ever.

While Superman Returns and Man of Steel were both financially successful, neither came close to earning the critical praise received by Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy or Joss Whedon's Avengers franchise. Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is Warner Bro's chance at redemption.

If the media powerhouse wants Superman to join the ranks of the cinematic elite, it will have to revisit its story telling strategy. Here are three ways Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice can be the best Superman movie yet:

1. More Creative Action Scenes- Superman is arguably the most powerful being in any comic book universe. With an arsenal of abilities that is virtually unmatched, it's about time we see them properly illustrated on the big screen. The 1980s movies were limited by technology. The more recent films have been limited by imagination. In Man of Steel we see a lot of flying, punching, and not much else.

Marvel movies have done a much better job at depicting their character's larger than life abilities. Quicksilver in X-Men: Days of Future Past and Iron Man in the "Avengers" franchise come to mind.

If Warner Bros. can adopt some of that same ingenuity in their screenplay, they can accentuate the fantastical nature of Superman's powers and make a more exciting film.

2. Get Rid of Clark Wayne- Superman is usually depicted as being somewhere between a symbol of Boy Scouts propaganda and an embodiment of humanist values. His latest incarnation is brooding, mysterious, and untrusting. If that sounds familiar, it's because it's the same characterization of Batman. Considering that a large part of what makes their relationship interesting is their contrasting philosophies, this could be problematic. If the film producers can make Superman the opposite of Batman, they can create more tension and make the heroes conflict more symbolic.

A battle of ideologies is more important than a simple fist fight. When the Joker's plan to turn Gotham citizens against each other failed, so did his ideology. Zach Snyder and company can take the next step by examining Batman and Superman's differing attitudes without giving a clear winner.

This would give viewers more to think about and get right to the heart of their rocky relationship. Of course this potentially enthralling story line is only possible if we are presented with a classical Superman.

3. Humor (See Spiderman) - Man of Steel lacked much of the fun that has made Superman such a popular character. A part of the reason for that was a script virtually devoid of humor. While I wouldn't say that the producers should go the way of the Avengers franchise, a few jokes could make a difference. Producers should look at the original Spiderman movies for reference.

The Spiderman movies effectively balance Spiderman's inherent campiness with a storyline that examines the morality of a cynical world. Spiderman's humor gave the character a depth that made it easy to understand what would put him at odds with society.

It gave him humanity and made him seem almost out of place. For a character like Superman, such a blend could work wonders at the box office.

Ultimately, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice is a guaranteed financial success; DC's brand virtually assures it. But if the comic book giant wants to take that next step, they should look at my list.

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