'Supergirl' Recap:'The Adventures of Supergirl,' Season 2 Premiere Episode

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The CW's superhero lineup welcomes "Supergirl".

This budding superhero had to deal with a lot of family drama in the last season. It's only going to continue with the appearance of one super cousin in "The Adventures of Supergirl," the season two premiere episode.

Clark Kent has arrived to National City. He's here to help Kara defeat a new threat.

Feeling left out, Alex becomes jealous of their family reunion. Cat Grant thinks Kara should be making more bold decisions in her life, especially with Jimmy. Hank and Supergirl investigate a crashed alien pod.

Kara celebrates with her family and friends when a mysterious object flies past the window. Hank and Supergirl rush to stop it. It's a pod just like the one she flew in Hank takes Kara to their new base of operations, a beautiful building that is ten times cooler than the cave.

The man that was in the pod has remained unconscious. Hank puts Winn on figuring out why and who he is.

Kara talks about her date with James to her sister. Alex doesn't believe she's actually excited. Kara goes to work where Cat immediately asks her what job she wants.

She chooses to go with marketing because of what an online quiz told her. Cat rejects that idea and gives her another 48 hours to choose.

Kara's getting ready for her new date, Flash style of quickly changing into multiple outfits. James has brought pizza and pot stickers for a date in so that they may watch the spaceship venture launch. The spaceship sets off without a problem. One of the engines explodes and the ship. It falls out of the sky.

A flustered Clark Kent is talking to Perry White when he sees the news of the plane. Superman rushes off to stop it at the same time Supergirl heads for it as well.

Supergirl arrives first but she can't seem to stop it on her own. Good thing Clark is here to help.

Kara is very excited about teaming up with her cousin for the first time. Kara brings Clark to the DEO base. The agents line up to shake his hand.

Winn immediately starts geeking out over him. Hank is not pleased, though. There seems to be some kind of beef between them. However, neither of them is willing to discuss it.

Cat calls Kara over to her the minute she's seen Clark. She's gaga for him, rushing around her office to make sure she looks nice before going to see him.

She takes him on a tour of building, looks like Kara didn't have anything to worry about.

She is really pushing for her relationship with James to work by demanding a rain check. Alex calls her with information that the only passenger that wasn't on the spaceship was Lex Luthor's sister.

Kara and Clark visit her under the guise of an interview. She doesn't want to be known by her brother's legacy and asks for a fresh start. Of course, Kara believes her. Clark is not so willing to accept it. She asks her cousin how he juggles all the things in her life.

He gives her the "trust your heart and don't loose yourself in your hero persona" speech. Alex finds out that Hank kept kryptonite.

Winn rushes in with important information, Lena wasn't the person behind the explosion. She was the target. At the moment, she's in a helicopter when multiple drones fly up in front of her.

Superman and Supergirl show up just in time. The villain has accounted for that though. He forces them to separate to be able to protect the chopper and the civilians from drone attacks. It doesn't seem to hinder either Kryptonian so like bad plan, dude. Clark saves a family from a spray of bullets.

Once he flies away, the father says they're moving back to Gotham. Like that city's any safer. James tells Kara that he knows something is up.

She answers truthfully, she doesn't know what she wants at the moment. Cat pushes her to fully explain what she's feeling. Her advice is just for Kara to dive in.

Winn figures out who's attacking Lena. Hank and Clark finally talk about the k-word. He's worried about who will use it when Hank's not in charge anymore. Lena has refused to cancel her naming ceremony. Supergirl and Alex are on the scene in case of emergency.

Corbin has est up bombs to shatter a nearby building. In the confusion an officer attempts to shoot Lena. Alex arrives before her can pull the trigger.

Superman and Supergirl work together to keep the building from falling. When Supergirl arrives, Corbin grabs Alex as a hostage. Lena shoots him twice in the back.

Clark has changed his mind on Lena. She accidently gives Kara a hint about what she wants as a job. She goes to Cat with her decision to be a reporter. The announcement doesn't come to any surprise to Cat.

She had already pegged Kara as a reporter from the moment she first interviewed her. Kara goes to talk to James.

She wants to figure out who Kara is before she's ready to get involved in a relationship. James agrees to stay friends cause that's never awkward.

Winn has officially been hired by the DEO. Supergirl goes to tell her cousin goodbye. He surprises her by asking if he can stick around to help out for a bit.

Kara agrees but she doesn't seem very excited. Corbin has been taken in from the hospital by Cadmus. He's about to get an upgrade.

"The Adventures of Supergirl" was exactly what you'd want out of the season premiere.

It upped the stakes but still retained the more happy-go-lucky vibe "Supergirl" was putting out last season. Watch this one unfold every Monday at 8pm and check out the official website for extra content.

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