Toys 'R' Us Gives An Interesting Reason Why The Toy Industry Isn't Booming

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Aside from technology becoming more popular in recent years, troubled retailer Toys 'R' Us has given another interesting reason why people aren't buying as many toys as they used to.

The toy retailer feels that there's not many kids around compared to the 'Baby Boom' era.

As you might know already, the Baby Boom started after World War II where people around the world were repopulating the planet. This was because millions of people died during World War II including both soldiers and innocent civilians. 

As reported by Business Insider, Toys 'R' Us says that most of its customers are newborns and children and the retailer's business thrived on high birth rates.

However, things are now changing with birth rates dropping because millennials aren't having many kids lately.

Toys 'R' Us sales started to decline back in the '90s when US birth rates were starting to dip and things got even worse thanks to the Great Depression that affected the world back in late 2007.

Now the company is set to have to close its stores both in the USA and around the world.

Physical retailers are kind of struggling thanks to a rise in popularity with online shopping. Not to mention entertainment is now shifting to a more digital environment. 

Many kids these days would rather play video games on consoles and tablets than play with physical toy sets nowadays. Not to mention things like Netflix is much cheaper so families just stay at home for their entertainment needs. 

The closure of Toys 'R' Us is going to have a big impact on the toy industry. It might also affect the amount of merchandise that film studios dish out for Blockbuster franchises in the near future. 

Disney and Hasbro have already seen a decline in Star Wars toy sales last year and this trend will sadly continue.

It will be interesting to see if toy manufacturers will start to target more adult collectors rather than kids in the near future.

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