Rowan Blanchard: You Can't Involve A Woman 'Without It Being Political'

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Rowan Blanchard recently did a photo shoot in Paris at the Ritz Carlton hotel. During the photo shoot, she spoke with the Vice's i-d about modeling, politics, and more. Here are some of the most interesting things she discussed:

Rowan Blanchard on Politics and Shaping Minds

Rowan Blanchard is known for sharing her political views and messages with her fans. She has written several essays, some of which have gone viral, and she has written political articles for magazines.

When asked about how she feels about shaping the minds of young people, she says that "there's a subconscious part of me that doesn't want to know how much effect I actually have.

The main thing is that I wouldn't do these things if I didn't believe in it." But she doesn't like when the conversation is more about her than about the issue.

To her it's very important to start a conversation, regardless of what people's opinions are:

I'm just trying to make it happen. It's not about 'I think,' it's me wanting people to talk about certain topics, no matter what their opinions are. That's what Willow is doing, that's what so many people are doing.

Rowan also considers how fashion and politics interrelate: "fashion can have so much power in fighting a binary concept of gender."

Rowan Blanchard on Women and Politics

But one of the most interesting tidbits from Rowan Blanchard's interview is this:

I feel like the way women dress is political. It's used against us or for us. You can't really involve a woman in something without it being political.

Rowan doesn't really go into depth about what she means by that, beyond that gender and gender identity issues have been sparking a lot of controversy recently.

Rowan Blanchard on Being a Model

Although Rowan Blanchard does modeling, she doesn't feel like a typical model.

She says that "photo shoots freak me out when there are a lot of cameras, a big crew, and super posed, and I don't get to be myself." But she enjoys photo shoots that allow her to be herself, like the Chanel one.

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