Review: Bumblebee Is The Best Transformers Movie

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Aside from the first Transformers live action movie from 2007, the rest of the Michael Bay directed movies have been terrible.

They featured bad acting, shaky cam and horrible storylines that didn't even make sense most of the time. Not to mention the movies featured way too many side characters too!

Michael Bay is a terrible director because it was hard to see the action scenes in his Transformers movies.

He also butchered the design of the many Transformers characters as none of them resembled their original G1 appearances. One of the things I always hated was when he gave Optimus Prime an ugly talking mouth.

Now it's December 2018 and a new Transformers movie has come out.

This one is different from the rest because it's a smaller scale film focusing mainly on the character of Bumblebee and how he first came to planet Earth back in the year of 1987.

I think a smaller scale is what makes this film so charming and relatable.

You can actually see who is fighting on the screen and you don't have to remember the names of forgettable human or Transformers characters like in the previous films.

Unlike Michael Bay, director Travis Knight does not feature gratuitous explosions or any nauseating shaky cam as aforementioned. The fight scenes are clean since you can see what the characters are doing most of the time.

However, what makes this film so cute and charming is the fact that Bumblebee is a movie about friendship.

Sure the main plot in the background is about Bumblebee preventing the Decepticons from potentially taking over the world, but the bulk of the movie is about the relationship between Bumblebee and his owner Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld).

It's a classic coming of age story because Charlie is a loner at the beginning of the movie that has crappy jobs and no money to have her own car.

By the time she meets Bumblebee and turns 18, things get better for her and she becomes a more mature character by the end of the film.

Hailee Steinfeld may have had her best role yet because Charlie is the most likable human Transformers character ever created.

She's not annoying like the loud Shia Labeouf and Mark Wahlberg. Charlie is more down to earth and I'm sure most viewers will get to like her as the movie progresses.

Another actor that does well in this movie is WWE Superstar John Cena.

He does a good job of playing the movie's main human antagonist named Agent Burns who is always hunting down for Bumblebee.

Sure Cena isn't the best actor in the world, but he didn't feel out of place as his character works fine here.

The only type of people that I think will dislike this movie are very hardcore Transformers fans that want full-on action.

You only get to see Cybertron for the first five minutes and big scale Transformers fights don't last very long.

If you're wanting to see a huge war between the Autobots and Decepticons, you may have to wait for another movie because this isn't the film for you.

Overall, Bumblebee feels like an indie movie, and the smaller scale surprisingly works. If you hated the previous films, then you might want to check this movie out because it's the best live action Transformers movie ever made.

Verdict: 4/5 stars

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