Opinion: Cable Talking Heads Cry For Monster Roger Ailes, Forget Who He Actually Was

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This morning, news came down the wire that Roger Ailes is dead. That's correct, the alleged racist, anti-Semitic, sexual harassing king of dirty tricks who ran Fox News is gone.

Yet of course, as soon as the news came out, the establishment went into "we love him" mode.

On MSNBC's Morning Joe, supposed media "liberals" like Chris Matthews and Andrea Mitchell started pouring our their hearts about this man who they argued was so loyal, that he'd protect anyone.

Apparently that doesn't include all of the women he's alleged to have assaulted. Or all the women he harassed on and off the Fox Network.

But Ailes wasn't just an alleged sexual harasser. For decades, he propped up many of the worst politicians of our time, including Nixon, and people like Oliver North of Iran-Contra fame.

And by many accounts, he was also a racist and anti-Semite. In one reporter, an NBC executive said that Ailes called him a "f--ing Jew prick."

When people crossed Ailes, he would come out and attack viciously. In fact, he created an atmosphere of fear in his organizations, and thrived on it.

According to New York Magazine, he and his wife considered releasing racy pictures of Megyn Kelly when she made her accusations against Ailes.

Ailes even allegedly created a "Black Room," from which to attack his enemies. The "Black Room," according to New York Magazine, was where Ailes stuffed his political operatives.

From there, he and his buddies leaked private information about his enemies, hired private investigators to find dirt on people, and even posted negative blog comments.

Still, in my opinion, the most damaging thing Ailes did was promote propaganda that contributed to the deaths and suffering of hundreds of thousands of people.

From his wall-to-wall promotion of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to pushing hatred of refugees and political asylum seekers, there was no little guy he didn't want to smush.

So when Ailes died this morning and all of the establishment TV figures started choking up, excuse me if I didn't agree. This man was a monster, and for him to be remembered in any other way is a travesty.

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