Mission Impossible 6 Director Explains Why Henry Cavill Has To Keep His Mustache

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The Justice League movie is undergoing extensive reshoots right now and Henry Cavill has found himself in a bit of a pickle. He is currently filming Mission Impossible 6 right now too and he has to keep his real life mustache.

Mission Impossible 6's director, Chrisopher McQuarrie explained on Twitter why Henry Cavill is not allowed to wear a fake mustache in his movie.

He said: "In exactly one year you'll understand: The only way to keep a fake 'stache on Henry Cavill would be a liberal dose of staples.".

This suggests that Cavill might be in a lot of fight scenes and action sequences which is why a fake mustache might not be suitable for the role.

Paramount Pictures urged him to grow out a real life mustache to make things look more authentic. He's currently not allowed to shave it off until filming is over.

Thankfully, Warner Bros. is able to digitally remove the mustache from Henry Cavill as he goes back to film scenes for the Justice League.

The new scenes are said to add more dialogue to the movie.

This could mean that we might see more of Superman. However, Superman is not expected to be in the film for very long since he's still "inactive" in the storyline.

Another actor that is juggling two movies is Erza Miller. Miller is busy filming the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

His situation is not too bad since he doesn't have to alter his physical appearance. Jason Momoa is back for reshoots while he's out filming for Aquaman too.

The Justice League movie is out on November 17th, 2017 in North America, As of this moment, there are no plans to delay the film despite all of the reshoots that are being made.

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