Hillary Clinton Visits The Ellen Show to Talk 2016 Election and More

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The former first lady and democratic hopeful for the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, Hillary Clinton, stopped by The Ellen Show to talk about the election, play who'd you rather and much more.

DeGeneres welcomed Clinton to the show and congratulated her on how well she is doing with her campaign.

She said that appears that Clinton will be the democratic nominee but Bernie Sanders says he will go all the way to the convention and asked Clinton if she felt he should drop out.

"I think he has to do what he chooses to do, I understand that and I ran all the way to the end with Senator Obama," said Clinton.

She continued to say that she believes Sanders will run to the end despite having a bigger gap than she did with President Obama. DeGeneres is hoping for a unification of some sort because the hatred has to stop.

Clinton says she is tired of the meanness and the name-calling. She says they should have disagreements but not the way that it has been happening as of lately.

DeGeneres asked Clinton what she believes Donald Trump means when he says he would be good for women.

Clinton says she would need a lot more information based on what Trump says because he has been derogatory to women, called them out and plans to cut wages for women.

She says she thinks overall there is no evidence that Trump has an understanding of what women's lives are today.

Clinton is surprised that Trump has made it this far but she says you have to give him credit for getting as far as he have. She does believe that Trump will have to start taking account for his derogatory words.

DeGeneres wants to know if it is legal for an ex-president to be a vice president. Clinton says if you served two terms it would be hard to do, however, she says she is there to interview DeGeneres.

She told DeGeneres she knows she has a lot to contribute and could lift people's spirits like her older friend who is having a tough time with her health.

Later on Clinton played a game of Who'd You Rather? and it got pretty hilarious. You can watch Clinton's interview and game of Who'd You Rather in the videos below.

Watch Hillary Clinton and Ellen DeGeneres Talk 2016 Elections and More on The Ellen Show

Watch Hillary Clinton Play Who'd You Rather?

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