Former American Ninja Warrior Star Kacy Catanzaro To Join The WWE

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Being a professional wrestler is not easy because it's kind of like an active gymnastics performance/stunt show. However, one person that could make wrestling look easy is American Ninja Warrior alumni Kacy Catanzaro.

Kacy Catanzaro got famous on the TV show American Ninja Warrior where she became the first woman ever to complete the "warped wall obstacle".

Thanks to her background in gymnastics, she is very capable of doing something as athletic as professional wrestling. has reported that the former Ninja Warrior has joined the WWE Performance Center. This is the company's training facility where all aspiring wrestlers go to in order to hone their craft in professional wrestling.

There's more to professional wrestling than just the athletic side of things. The Performance Center will also teach her to become her own character as well as help her talk trash on the microphone.

Not to mention the place is used to teach rookie wrestlers where to look at the camera during entrances and when they are talking.

It also teaches them how to work safely mainly because competitors are obviously aren't supposed to really hurt each other since it's a choreographed show.

I've watched Catanzaro on American Ninja Warrior and I think she can become a WWE Superstar easily. She has the athletic part down, but she will have to pick a cool character in order to stand out.

After a few weeks or months of training, people from the Performance Center usually get upgraded to appear on NXT. NXT is a step up before rookies then graduate onto the main roster where they compete on either Raw or Smackdown Live.

Anyway if you are a fan of Kacy Catanzaro, you may want to look out for her on WWE television very soon. I'm pretty sure it won't take her too long to understand the basics of professional wrestling.

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