Forgotten: Disney Classics Living in the Shadows

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Walt Disney created a magical world full of colorful characters and unforgettable stories that are still celebrated to this day.

His imagination established some of the world's favorites, such as Peter Pan and Captain Hook, Belle, Cinderella, and of course, Mickey and Minnie.

With time and technology, Disney movies have gone from VHS to DVD and Blu-Ray so children and families can continue to enjoy some of today's classic stories.

However, there are those stories that lay low in the shadows of the more popular ones.

So what is it about these Disney films that remain out of the spotlight? Do they share a similar quality that sets them apart from the movies that get more attention or are seen around Disney World? Whatever it may be, they still deserve to be recognized.

Here are just some of the Disney movies that have been forgotten about over the years:

The Fox and the Hound follows the friendship of Copper the hunting dog and Tod the fox. At a young age when wrestling and playing in the woods are their favorite things to do together, Tod and Copper quickly create a bond that claims them as best friends.

But as they grow up, Copper is trained to hunt for his master and naturally, Tod becomes a target.

With their friendship on the line, will the two be able to remain amicable with each other, or will they be torn apart by their separate lifestyles?

Adventure awaits down under in Australia with Bernard and Miss Bianca, two agents whose job is to rescue young boy Cody and a rare golden eagle from a dangerous poacher.

But let's not forgot an important piece: Miss Bianca and Bernard are mice! Audiences will be intrigued to find out if these two small yet willing characters will be able to save the eagle from a terrible fate and bring Cody back home in Disney's The Rescuer's Down Under.

With its recent Diamond Edition release on Blu-Ray and DVD, 101 Dalmatians follows the story of Pongo and Perdita who are out to rescue their Dalmatian pups from the infamous Cruella De Vil. Cruella is out to kidnap as many Dalmatian puppies she can get her hands on and use their fur for her own fashion pleasures.

It is Pongo and Perdita's mission to save their puppies, along with many others, from Cruella's evil plan.

Follow along with Bambi, a young deer who has to learn how to survive on his own after his mother is killed by a hunter. As Prince of the Forest, Bambi builds friendships with other animals such as Thumper and Flower as he grows into an adult.

Along the way, Bambi discovers love, the dangers and tragedies of life, and how to overcome the most challenging obstacles.

Disney's lovable character Pinocchio will leave audiences hoping the wooden puppet gets to live his life as a real boy. However, Pinocchio must first prove himself by being brave, truthful, and unselfish.

Pinocchio gets a taste of the real world, but with the help of his conscious, Jiminy Cricket, he works his way towards achieving his ultimate wish.

The list of Disney's forgotten classics continues beyond just the ones mentioned, but sometimes people are only aware of the name and not the story behind it.

If you remember these films, go ahead and watch them again to relive a piece of your childhood. And if you haven't, take some time to check them out; you won't be disappointed.

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