Interview: Getting to Know Benjamin Deer and His Trilogy ‘Emerus’

Benjamin Deer is a young aspiring author from upstate New York who has been writing since he was about eight years old.

From comic strips and poetry to percussion music and short stories, he offers a wide range of writing talent.

In October 2013, Deer's first book "Emerus: The Beginning" was published. From there, he wrote the sequel "Emerus: The Wonder of Wings" which was published the following September.

Now readers are currently waiting on the third and final book to his trilogy as he pieces together a puzzle of questions, anticipations, and wonders.

Empty Lighthouse had the opportunity to sit down with Deer to discuss "Emerus," his take on being a writer, and what to expect from him in the future.

What can you reveal about your books to anyone who hasn't read them yet?

"Emerus" takes the reader on a thought-provoking adventure surrounding events never before seen in our country's history. The first book is very coming of age for the series' main character, Johnny Engleheart. It's all about transition and whether or not he will accept the path laid out before him. It's very relatable. The action builds, and something colossal is revealed at the very end.

The second book straddles an open road rescue mission and the real Area 51. I believe it's more artistic, more action-packed, and even more thought-provoking than the first.

"Wonder of Wings" is a true page-turner, very intellectual.

And so far, the feedback across the board is that readers like it better than the first. So I'm trying to improve upon it and make the third the best one in the trilogy.

You're a new and emerging author: how has this impacted/affected your life? Have you always wanted to write and publish books?

Yes. Writing these books has made me more fulfilled and they have given me a strong internal drive. They have made me view life differently and have greatly increased my creative head space.

Writing, to me, is like playing chess: it's different each time you write and there are endless possibilities. You also sometimes need to take a step back because there are so many different angles to look at it from.

There's a quote, and it goes: "Artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up." As far as my books go, in a fictitious way, they answer a lot of questions people have about the powers that be and explain a lot of the unexplainable.

When I read that quote, I thought it was interesting because I'm using fiction, something that isn't real, to explain something that could be.

What is the inspiration behind your books?
The first book was dedicated to my mom, who was an aspiring author and had started a book of her own called "Amrus." That's where I got inspiration for the title of my trilogy, "Emerus." Since my mom didn't get to finish her book, it inspired me to write mine. You don't know how short life may be, and I didn't care how young I was.

My mom was the one who inspired me to become an author.

There was also one night when I was taking a bath with an Underoath song called "Reversal" playing. The song contains a lot of staggered noises, and the vision I received was of a machine putting two needles into someone's eyes, and the person was nonchalantly accepting what was happening to them.

It was creepy, but it was what sparked inspiration for the very first book.

How do you connect with your characters?
I have dreams about them, I hear them, see them, and it makes writing easier. I took time to get to know the characters and the hidden things about them that the reader doesn't necessarily know.

After taking that time to get to know them and what drives them, it was easier to relate. Even though they're fiction, they are humans with human desires and human problems.

Writing is a symbiotic relationship. It's benefiting me as much as I am benefiting the book. It's like the sun reflecting the moon.

The way I feel about the characters, I also want the reader to feel the same way. I know them better than I know some of my own friends.

You're currently writing the third and final book for your trilogy. How has the process been and what can we look forward to?
The process has been slow.

There's a part of my life that's busy, but then there's also this other part of me that doesn't want the process to end. I have learned a lot about myself and about life.

As far as the third in the trilogy, all I can say is that a lot of questions will be answered.

It will still have the romantic and celestial feel of the other two, but the conflict will be more capacious. The third book is my largest undertaking yet.

Any advice for aspiring writers/authors?
No matter where you are, no matter what time it is, if you feel inspired to write, just do it. Some things only come around once and life is too short to store inspirations away.

If you have the gift of writing, I personally feel that as a human being, it is your responsibility to go through with it. But that can also apply to any line of inspiration, just for me, it's writing.

Do you have any future book/story ideas in mind? What can readers expect from you down the road?
Yes. God has given me a creative mind. I have three more ideas: the first one is a children's mystery novel.

That will be fulfilling to write because it is going to take place in the 90s, which is the decade I grew up in.

The second idea is an action packed, fast-paced, in-your-face type of book.

I have code names for my books and this one is "The List." And the third idea will take place in colonial times surrounding something fascinating that I've discovered in reading Thomas Jefferson's autobiography.

As far as the "Emerus" trilogy goes, I didn't want too similar of a read between each book, I wanted them to be individualized. The first book is mainly introductory.

The second is thought provoking with non-stop action.

There are many aspects of the second book that have become immortalized according to other readers who have provided feedback about three semi-usual occurrences: you will never look at a morning thunderstorm the same way, you will never get a random chill up your spine and not think of what could be the cause of it, and you will never see a station wagon and not wonder if it's headed to the Equality State to uncover the most clandestine of secrets.

The third book holds a lot of implications about the future and I will in fact be revealing the title for the third book within the next couple of months. It's going to be epic, I promise.

Visit Benjamin's website and order the first two books of the "Emerus" trilogy at You can also find him on Twitter @youngwiseowl.

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