Another Former WWE Wrestler Now Trying MMA Fighting

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Professional wrestling might be scripted, but this does not stop many wrestlers trying their hand at MMA fighting.

Well today another former WWE Superstar is making a career change in hopes to make it big in the tough sport of MMA.

As reported by MMAFighting, Jack Swagger announced he is to join MMA promotion Bellator in 2018. He will be fighting in the organization's heavyweight division.

He has been training in both MMA fighting and boxing for the last eight months following his release from the WWE. He has signed a contract that lasts for six fights.

Much like Brock Lesnar, Jack Swagger has credentials in amateur wrestling so he's no stranger to combat sports.

However, some amateur wrestlers like to quit the sport and do professional wrestling because there's more money to be earned in the entertainment industry.

Other professional wrestlers that turned to MMA include the aforementioned Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley.

Lesnar and Lashley have been successful in the transition to MMA thanks to a combination of their huge size as well as experience in amateur wrestling. Swagger could potentially be good at legit fighting if he trains really hard.

The only former professional wrestlers that had trouble in MMA include Batista and CM Punk. Batista only had one MMA fight, and he won.

Although he was way too old to make a career out of it. He's doing fine outside of MMA as he's getting roles in lots of Hollywood movies now.

As for CM Punk, his transition to MMA has been difficult from the start. He didn't do legit amateur wrestling or any combat sports growing up.

Not to mention he's in his late 30's and his body is not a freak of nature like Lesnar or Lashley. CM Punk has only had one UFC fight where he lost in two minutes to Mickey Gall.

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