What's Kanye West Doing At Trump Tower? Secretary Kanye? (Watch)

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Donald Trump never ceases to shock us -- with his primary wins, his election win, his cabinet picks...and now this: will we soon be seeing a Secretary Kanye in Trump's cabinet?

Kanye West at Trump Tower

That's right: Kanye West met with Donald Trump this morning. After the meeting, Trump and Kanye appeared together, and Trump said: "We've been friends for a long time." He also said they discussed "life."

While this wouldn't normally mean much by itself, we have seen in several cases post-election that prominent individuals have gone to Trump Tower, only to come out with a high-level position.

Potential Press Secretary Laura Ingraham was seen walking out of Trump Tower recently, as was Rick Perry, who is rumored to be Trump's pick for Secretary of Energy.

Carly Fiorina also has been to Trump Tower in the last few days, and she's reportedly being considered for Director of National Intelligence.

Kanye West for Secretary of Agriculture?

Currently, Trump has several open positions: Director of National Intelligence (probably Fiorina), as well as Secretaries of the Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy (probably Perry), Department of Veterans Affairs, and U.S. Trade Representative.

So what was Kanye West doing in Trump Tower?

Could he be the next Secretary of Agriculture? That would put him in charge of national parks, as well as the food stamp program. Perhaps we will soon see Kanye's face added to Mt.

Rushmore. Or maybe the USDA stamp on eggs will be replaced with a picture of 'Ye.

Or might we see a U.S. Trade Representative Kanye? He'd be able to renegotiate the TPP and TISA to require foreign countries to buy his next record. During a tense negotiation, we may even hear: "Yo, imma let the Chinese finish, but Russia had the best trade policies of all time!"

At least we won't have to pay for Trump's Mexico border wall anymore: Kanye will get Mark Zuckerberg to do that, especially now that he has figured out the best way to ask.

One thing is for sure, Kanye West and Donald Trump have a lot in common. Both pride themselves on their ego, and both are outspoken in the media. And both hope to be president in 2020.

While it's unclear whether Kanye's support is the reason why Trump took the meeting, Trump is known for liking people who promote him. A few weeks ago, it was revealed that Kanye supported Trump (at least to some extent).

Trump has been meeting with a lot of people since his election win, and this meeting doesn't necessarily mean Trump will pick Kanye for any major position; however, given the history, we can't help but wonder.

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