What To Do In Europe During Winter - More Than Just Christmas Markets

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Europe gets a lot of attention this time of year for its excellent Christmas markets…but there’s much more to do than that.  Let's take a look at some of the other things you can do this winter.

To start off, let’s go with an artistic outlet. Any article would be remiss to fail to mention internationally renowned museums such as the Louvre - home of the Mona Lisa among other exceptional works of art. However, this is not where the list ends.

For example, every European capital maintains an extensive art library from artists that both hail from that country or are a part of their cultural heritage. In addition, keep in mind that certain cities have histories of housing patrons of the arts - Florence comes to mind.

Some cities, like Athens and Rome, are literally awash in art in the form of sculptures, frescos, and fountains. It would seem that wherever you throw a stone in Europe you are likely to hit a work of art.

In addition to artwork, Europe has a rich history to be explored. What is most exciting is that you will find yourself engaging in even the most mundane activities in some surprising places.

Nothing feels stranger than ordering fast food in an old royal armory or storehouse.

More importantly, simply sitting in a public square eating some of the local street fare will put you in the same perspective as spectators going back thousands of years.

Revel in this rich history and don’t forget to look out for great deals or offerings from the various competing museums - some offer discount or even free tickets to children and young adults for example.

If art or history are not your thing than food most certainly has to be. What goes without saying is the fact that there is great food to be found in every corner of Europe. What you get will depend on where you go and what your own tastes are.

Do not be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and make sure to ask for English menus and be prepared to engage your server with questions - nothing ruins a meal like an assumption. While this is a common tip it should still be noted: do not tip your waitstaff in Europe.

Unlike the United States, servers often make hourly earnings and do not rely on (or take) tips. In fact, some cultures would consider it rude to leave extra money on the table.

Wherever you decide to go and whatever you decide to do make sure you use all the resources at your disposal. Of course there is the internet, however, remember that this can be a bit overwhelming.

Instead, don’t be afraid to go old school.

Concierge services at hotels and various tourism companies offer services and products that cater to all different tastes and can help you explore a part of the city that you would otherwise overlook.

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