Why Asia Should Be Your Top Destination This Winter

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Our modern world seems to be full of fads. Fad diets and fad exercises.

Everything seems to go viral and be a temporary distraction or attraction and then our focus shifts again.

That begs the question, is the surge in travel to Asia merely an overrated travel trend due to end? Or is there something else at play here.

One thing is for sure: you cannot deny the beauty of the continent. As Eurasia is the largest landmass on the planet and we cannot ignore the overall percentage that Asia makes up.

The sheer geographical diversity alone is enough to make your head spin.

Most importantly, there are a number of sites that cannot be compared to.

Whether it’s a bay in Thailand or the deserts of China, Asia offers enough diversity in environment that it is hard to imagine being unable to find a suitable backdrop for your next foreign foray.

In addition to that geographic diversity is a high degree of cultural diversity in Asia. More importantly, there is longevity.

Various civilizations in Asia would be found on a list of top ten longest-standing cultures.

This leads to a rich environment awash in unique foods, customs, language that one cannot help but be excited by the curiosities that await.

If anything, this should be one of the largest draws to traveling throughout Asia - you could spend a significant amount of time steeped in each culture and spend months traveling nonstop.

There are geopolitical factors at work as well. A large number of southeast Asian countries have begun to develop more rapidly both economically and in overall stability.

There is not the prospect of a coup d'etat in the vast majority of the nations, however, even in those nations that suffer from somewhat oppressive regimes are open for business.

In addition, fallout from events such as the American Vietnam War have begun to fade away as relations normalize between the two nations formally at war and countless neighboring countries affected.

While one must be cautious as tensions over resources and sea access begin to strain tourism, the overall political climate has vastly improved.

Money can also stretch farther in Asia - particularly Western currency. This can be of significant benefit while traveling.

You will likely have access to fresh food and well-made trinkets while being able to afford breaking the bank. Flights, while costly, can be recouped in cheaper expenses having arrived.

All told, Asia is a beautiful continent steeped in rich cultures that deserve to be explored.

The people are, on the whole, welcoming and helpful (as much as any people can be) and the atmosphere - given the high level of diversity - can be tailored to your specific wants or needs.

Passing up on a chance to visit this wonderful continent would be a grave mistake.

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