Looking To Travel Over The Holidays? Europe May Be The Place For You

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A classic travel choice for many Americans, going to Europe is still a wonderful idea despite all the buzz about other exotic continents to visit.

Particularly, with a strong US dollar there is no better time to travel to the Eurozone given the favorable exchange rate.

When going to Europe you will want to keep in mind some rather important concepts that can make or break your travel experience.

First and foremost, understand that Europe does not, in fact, hate America or Americans. This misconception can often wash away within hours of landing at your destination and interacting with friendly locals, however, it is good to know that you will not be chased out of town. This does not mean that people will fawn over you or beg for your business - Europeans have a proud and rich cultural heritage and they will not bend-over-backward simply to score a buck off a tourist.

Both of these statements, however, have their exceptions - you can come across people with a less-than-friendly view towards the United States and tourist hawks.

The best thing is to continue to maintain a polite, friendly interaction and simply move on. No good will come out of attempting to disarm geopolitical strife.

On that note, keep in mind that you are, in fact, a guest in their country. While it is understandable that you will be spending hard-earned money there (and that, often, the places you will visit rely on tourism) you should maintain a polite demeanor. Rude tourists find themselves at the raw end of a lot of opportunities to experience local delights - who wants to share their town or culture with a jerk? In fact, being positive and open to the culture around you will often cause even the most anti-American local to reconsider their position.

Although it goes without saying, do not insult your host country.

While there are legitimate complaints and things to dislike about every place, insulting your host country will not get you very far.

There are plenty of legitimate complaints that can be levied towards the United States as there are plenty of patriotic Americans that would take offense to any or all of them - the same applies in Europe.

Essentially, whether you are in the heart of London or tucked away in a cafe in Salzburg there is no limit to what you can do but you should maintain a polite demeanor wherever you go.

The biggest mistake Americans make when traveling abroad is flaunting their status as an American - and Europeans have had and currently maintain a rich heritage and status as leaders in the arts, science, and industry.

Simply put, respect their national pride as you would expect them to respect yours and you will have the absolute best time!

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