Is Thirty Seconds To Mars Channeling Taylor Swift For New Music?

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Early today TMZ broke the news that Jared Leto had a few choice words to say while taking a listen to a few Taylor Swift tracks. Swift fans can relax as he wasn't directing any hate towards the pop icon.

However, does this mean that Thirty Seconds To Mars will be channeling Swift for their next album? In the TMZ video below, Leto and his band mates are listening to a couple of Swift's Billboard hits.

Leto immediately asks them to skip "Welcome to New York," but seemed to be feeling "Blank Space" a lot more.

Oddly enough Leto begins pointing out areas where Swift took the style from other artists such as a Sia beat and Charli XCX cheer on "Blank Space."

The band continued with "Style" before going over what they wanted to take from Swift's tracks.

Leto said he definitely wanted to steal the Charli XCX echoing cheer and when it came to really deciding what they would want to take.

"I mean, f**k her, I don't give a f**k about her, it's whatever works best for us," said Leto at the end of the video.

Clearly Leto was responding in a musical sense and not a personal sense. If you want to generate hits, there is no one better than Swift.

Her 1989 album, had success drawn all over it and it looks like Thirty Seconds To Mars intends on absorbing a little of that for their next project.

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