'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'The Vanishing' season 2 episode 10

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Last week, MTV's "Scream" dug up a body and added a new one to the killer's count. The killer's out for more blood in "The Vanishing," the tenth episode of the second season.

The killer does everything they can to drive a wedge further between Emma and Audrey. While looking further into the facts of this case, the Sheriff and Maggie began to suspect that they're being hunted by secrets from their past.

The killer toys with Noah by using his feelings for Zoe against him.

The Sheriff shares his suspicions that Brandon James is back to Maggie. She doesn't believe that he would do something like that. A flash back goes to the night Brandon James got shot. Perhaps he didn't really die that night.

Noah gets a message from Zoe to meet her at the lake. When he gets there he doesn't see her but she soon starts texting him directions.

Noah hesitates and the Noah gets a call from the killer telling him to go into the woods or else Zoe will die. He does. The killer stabs Noah in the stomach.

Audrey goes to Emma because Noah has been missing. Just then, the killer sends them videos of Noah.

He calls them in order to let them know that they are going to have to search for him.

Noah wakes up in a coffin with a video camera in his face. He says he's not going to give the killer the reaction they want but then he starts to hear screaming.

Maggie and the young Sheriff had taken an injured Brandon James to the farm house and they buried a knife in the garden. The Sheriff now goes back to investigate the house.

While he's there he finds suspicious movement upstairs. Upon checking it out he finds a hidden room with the pictures Emma first saw. From the outside of the house the killer watches.

Emma and Audrey go to Noah's house in order to find out where he went wrong. While there Emma starts reading Audrey's letters to Piper. Emma figures out it's a riddle. They find a daffodil behind Noah's murder board.

Noah is starting to hallucinate. He sees Zoe and she calms him down. Emma keeps trying to figure out the motivation behind where the killer is sending them. They end up taking about the past. Emma shows her the letter.

The sheriff tells Maggie about what he found at the pig farm. Maggie comes up with a plan to once and for all find out if Brandon James is back.

In his hallucination, Zoe is describing space to him. She fades away and Noah becomes distraught.

Emma and Audrey make it to their destination but they are still fighting. It escalates until Audrey confesses that She was in love with Emma.

Then they hear Noah's pleas. They dig him out. Under him is a video of Zoe screaming for help.

Emma, Audrey, and Noah race to find Zoe. They are concerned that Noah will bleed out before they can find her.

The sheriff makes it to the pig farm and finds something gruesome. They get the coffin that holds Zoe and opens it only to find that Zoe is already dead.

The killer cut the heart out of a pig and strung it up with Seth Branson's hand. The Sheriff and Maggie are pulled away by the call about Zoe's body.

The killer calls Emma and Audrey to gloat.

At home, Emma tells her mother about how the killer is after them and that Zoe's death is on her. Maggie tells her it's not because she believes these murders are her fault.

In another flashback, Maggie gets a message from Brandon James in a notch in a tree outside of her house. Present day Maggie leaves a note in that exact same spot but it's Eli who comes to collect it.

"Scream" gives us another clue as to who the killer is.

"The Vanishing" kicks the murder count up another notch, as well. Keep watching MTV on Tuesdays at 10pm to find out who the killer is and check out the Scream website for extras about the show.

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