'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Orphanage' season 2 episode 9

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Last Week, MTV's "Scream: The TV Series" played funhouse games with the Lakewood 5. Now, it's time to find out if they'll be able to forgive one of their own in "Orphanage," the ninth episode of the second season.

Audrey's secret is out and not in the way she had intended. The leaked recording will put a strain on her closest friendships. Noah will feel the lose of something that's very important to him.

Missing evidence will come to surface as Emma and Audrey finally figure out why the killer is so obsessed with them.

Emma's having a nightmare where she starts stabbing her friends. When he mother wakes her up she's still in the kitchen with a knife raised above her head.

Kieran tries to get her to skip school but Emma is adamant about going. Audrey is upset about her ruined friendship with Emma.

Stavo and his father are on rough terms after the Sheriff accused him of being the killer. He obviously freaks out when Stavo isn't in his room in the morning.

Don't worry, he's just slumbering with Brooke...and possibly more. However, Brooke can't move on until she finds out what happened to Jake. Stavo leaves for his own home but not before smelling and stealing a tube of Brooke's lipstick.

Emma informs Brooke about Audrey's confession about Piper. They run into Noah, who tries to stand up for Audrey. He sends himself the sender's email address.

Audrey comes up and tries to talk to her but Emma gets physical with her. Kieran ushers Emma away to her locker, where they find one of Ms. Lang's audio tapes.

Emma and Kieran play the tape now that they are no longer at school. The teacher says that she thought Emma is emotionally unstable and violent.

Kieran, ever the voice of reason, tells her that she's just being manipulated.

Noah tries to prove Audrey wrong but it turns out that Zoe did email the audio file to herself, only. He believes that she didn't send it to Emma and starts to track the other email address.

Maggie and the Sheriff talk about his thoughts on Stavo as the killer. Ms. Lang isn't dead.

She's in the hospital.

Emma and Kieran go to visit her and she starts screaming the moment she can clearly see Emma. Kieran goes back to Ms.Lang's room and steals her keys after a bouquet of daisies is dropped off for her.

Stavo sneaks into his dad's office and starts looking through the files on Jake. He finds Jake's old texts and a file dedicated to himself as a suspect.

The email address came from Zoe but Audrey still blames her. Noah has some stern words for her that make her storm out.

Emma and Kieran break into Ms. Lang's house.

They find a picture in her bedroom of her in school sitting right next to Piper.

Noah's still curious about how the killer knew about the email and about his crush on Zoe. He comes to the conclusion that the camera he took from the storage unit is really a bug.

Emma and Kieran call Noah to ask him about Blessed Sisters, the orphanage where Piper and Ms. Lang grew up. They agree to meet up there.

Stavo shows Brooke the texts that Jake got from her father the night he died.

She confronts her father about it. Audrey's composing a letter to Emma when she receives a call from the killer telling her where to pick up the next body.

Someone's throwing a party in the old orphanage. The e-vite says that Audrey and Emma are the ones hosting the party and everyone must wear masks.

Zoe, Emma, Kieran, and Noah decide to get the party shut down. Haley is helping out at the party and says her new significant other is the real host. Emma and Audrey run into each other in the crowd.

The killer rejects Haley's blowjob and instead stabs her to death. Audrey and Emma hurry upstairs after a text from the killer. Stavo has arrived at the party just in time to see Kieran walk past screaming for Emma.

Audrey and Emma find Piper's rotting body in a room upstairs. The police have arrived to the party. Emma and Audrey are finally having that heart to heart.

It seems that the message the killer was trying to send was that they were a friend of Piper's, probably grew up with her, and they want revenge on the two girls that killed her.

Brooke shows Stavo the hotel room her mother used to hide out in as she's using it for the same reason.

Scream: The TV Series settles with the Lakewood 5 in pieces as once fixed relationships are shattered in "Orphanage." All awhile the killer is getting closer to their final act.

Keep watching Tuesday nights at 10pm on MTV to find out who will make it through this season alive and to find out the killer's identity.

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