'Scream: The TV Series' Recap: 'Heavenly Creatures' season 2 episode 11

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Last week, MTV's "Scream" said goodbye to yet another one of Noah's girlfriends. Now, Lakewood will say goodbye to someone else in "Heavenly Creatures," the eleventh episode of the second season.

Kieran, Emma, and Audrey unearth a mysterious photo of Eli. Maggie and the Sheriff attempt to get in contact with Brandon James.

From the hospital, Noah continues to research Piper and finds a new clue. While following the clues, Emma and Audrey find themselves as prime suspects in the recent killing spree.

The killer sneaks into Emma's house at night in order to take a peek at her dream journal. Emma wakes up, causing the killer to flee from the house but not without leaving a gift behind. As Kieran rushes out of the house he notices that Eli is awake.

The cops are just finishing up their sweep of the house when he arrives. Maggie believes that this was in response to her trying to reaching out to Brandon James.

The gang visits Noah in the hospital but he's a changed man. He's given up on his obsession with horror. The rest of the Lakewood 5 agree to take down his murder board.

Brooke goes back to the hotel room she's sharing with Stavo while the rest head over to Noah's house. As they are taking down the board Emma comes across a newspaper picture showing Eli at Will's funeral.

Audrey gets a series of texts from the killer about Emma. She shows them to her and Kieran. Emma believes that they are from Eli and that he's possibly their killer.

Eli, himself, is in the middle of fighting with his mother because she wants to leave. He tells her that they won't leave until he's ready and that he'll take care of the mayor.

Mayor Maddox is worrying over Brooke when Eli sneaks into his house. He takes something out of the Mayor's desk.

The Sheriff goes to visit the teacher to find out what she knows about Piper. She says that she doesn't know anything about Piper. The teacher says Emma has the biggest obsession with Piper after dropping some truths about his relationship with Stavo.

Brooke goes home. Stavo promises to go home as well but takes a pit stop at Noah's hospital room. He tells Noah that he has to keep doing the morgue and shows him a panel of his graphic novel.

Kieran comes home just in time to overhear Eli discussing his finding with his mom. He immediately video chats Emma and Audrey in as he searches the house for clues.

He finds the bundle of Audrey's letters to Piper stuck behind Eli's bed. Behind the letters are the pictures of Emma from the pig farm. They decide to go there.

The mayor arrives home to find Brooke back. He gets a message from Eli asking to meet. Stavo is still avoiding home and his father. Noah composes a new podcast where he announces that he's not finishing The Morgue.

As he goes to upload it, his computer is hacked and a new file is uploaded instead.

The video takes bits from Emma's journal, Audrey's words and bits of footage from the last few weeks from the killer. Maggie gets the Sheriff to head out to the pig farm after Emma and Audrey.

The girls arrive at the pig farm. Emma decides that it's a good idea to split up and have Audrey wait outside because that worked to her advantage last time. Emma finds the hidden room and she calls Audrey into the house.

They find the dream journal and see Brooke's father drive up to the house. Guess he didn't actually get a text from Eli. He goes into the pig farm.

He's killed with a pitchfork by the killer. Emma and Audrey come in just in time to get blood all over their hands and their prints all over the murder weapon when the killer spooks them. Of course, it is then that the cops arrive.

Emma and Audrey are arrested. The sheriff warns her mom that they'll need a lawyer.

Kieran gets there just in time to watch her being driven off. Emma and Audrey come to the realization that they are being blamed for the murders.

"Heavenly Creatures" sets all the players in place for the killer's final act.

With only one more episode left in the second season of "Scream," the identity of the killer is coming just around the corner.

Stay tuned for next week's conclusion at 10pm Tuesday on MTV and check out extra content on the Scream website.

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