'Scream Queens' Recap: 'Warts and All,' Season 2 Episode 2

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With the first murder confirmed and the second one up in the air, FOX's "Scream Queens" left us wondering is this the end for Chanel #5?

Well, wait no more as the answers are revealed and more incurable ailments arrive at the hospital in "Warts and All," the second episode of the second season.

Chad's back and he wants to be with Chanel again. Holt's disturbing secret is unveiled. The killer goes after Munsch.

She hires Denise to come and look into it, since she did so well the last time. Tyler, a new patient with an incurable illness comes to the hospital but instead of finding a cure they find love.

Good news everybody, Chanel #5 was not killed. While being questioned by the police she says she was attacked by a giant plant. The werewolf's body is missing and everyone now believes that #5 is the murderer.

The police officer because she hasn't graduated high school and the Chanels because they believe she's just jealous of them.

A new patient, Tyler, comes into the hospital. He's covered in warts and has no money to pay for the expensive treatment.

Zayday goes to Chamberlin about a suspicion she has about Munsch's motivations for opening up the hospital. It seems that Munsch is the first potential killer. Chanel and Holt go to the movies for a date and throwing handfuls of popcorn onto the ground.

Holt's wild hand starts to act up, groping Chanel and grabbing candy from the people behind them. Chad spots them going in for a kiss. He's not happy.

#5 goes off about her dateless life to Wartboy. When he shows her how super, mega hot he used to be, #5 becomes determined to get the money for his procedure. Chanel is working a late shift when the red devil appears. Well, Chad dressed as the red devil in order to scare her.

He declares that he wants her back before disappearing back into the night. Chad's constantly screaming friend, Randle, has an exaggerated startle threshold. While being checked out, he's overlooked by Holt and Chad's dick measuring contest over Chanel.

#5 has turned to the American public in order to ask for donations. Chanel advises her to not wait until after Tyler's procedure to date him because then he won't want her anymore.

Zayday and Chamberlain are doing research on the hospital. They find out about a Halloween party where the entire staff was murdered. The head nurse catches them down there

Chad and Holt are taking showers in the employ locker room. It seems to be more of a power play for Chad against Holt over who is more worthy of Chanel. But it really just seems to be more homoerotic. They decide to play a squash game, winner gets Chanel.

#5 is out with Tyler when a couple of boys start making fun of him. She smashes a plate over one of their heads and then proceeds to beat him up.

Zayday and Chamberlin corner Munsch about the hospital's past murders. She comes clean about why she started the hospital. She has an incurable disease that no other doctors have been able to identify.

Munsch is alone in the hospital when the green-masked killer attacks. Just like with the red devil, Munsch proves she is not a force to be taken lightly. When she tries to get a look under the mask, #3 and Cassidy come running and distract her.

The killer is able to get away. Cassidy and Holt have started treating Randle. They're giving Chad an update when Holt's uncontrollable hand leaves a note.

Munsch calls Denise in, who's still convinced that Zayday is the killer. Munsch just wants her name cleared. The squash game has started and Holt is kickin' Chad's butt.

He tries to leave but Chad declares he's going to become a doctor. Holt threatens him.

Munsch, Denise, Chanel, and #3 go to visit Hester about the attacks. She wants to trade being moved to their hospital and beauty supplies with information on the killer.

#5 and Tyler get back to the hospital. The other two Chanels surprise them with news that they've gotten the money for his procedure. Chad has gone to a private detective in order to find out about the donor of Holt's hand, a murdering squash player.

Chad confronts Holt about his serial killer hand. Zayday and Chamberlin are looking into Munsch's illness. She comes to the conclusion that Munsch is ailing from Cooroo from eating brains in New Guinea.

#5 is talking to Tyler. He's found out something about the killer. Before he can tell her, he's wheeled away for surgery.

Only it's the killer who must end him before he reveals their secret. The Chanels run to his rescue but they are too late. Tyler and #5's chance at a hot boyfriend has been ended. Oh, and their only lead.

"Warts and All" was another hilariously spooky installment.

"Scream Queens" continues to make the Chanels some what likeable, well at least a little. Keep watching Tuesday's at 9pm to find out who this season's masked murder is and check out extra content on the official site.

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