'Scream Queens' Recap: Scream Again, Season 2 Premiere

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The awaited arrival of Fox's "Scream Queens" is finally here. Last season left us with a satisfied killer and the Chanels locked away. Will this killer get away with their scheme or will they catch the real one this time?

Get ready for more hilarious and horrifying action in "Scream Again," the season two premiere.

Taking place several years later, Dean Munsch has just purchased an abandoned hospital. She brings with her Drs. Brock Holt and Dr.

Cassidy Cascade. Zayday Williams, now a medical student, and the Chanels also return to work at the facility. But it won't be long before a new killer starts up again.

It's a halloween party at the hospital. A pregnant wife comes in search of someone to help her husband. However, Halloween is more important than saving a life.

Bill, the husband, needs his lunges drained. Instead of helping out, the doctor and nurse take him to the swamp and dump his body.

They disguise the patient's body in the doctor's green cape and green monster mask. Seems like a killer costume.

Dr. Cassidy and Dr. Holt are checking out a patient who has werewolf syndrome.

Munsch arrives, spewing lies already. Flashing back, Munsch narrates her journey into becoming a doctor.

The Chanels are on trial but Denise, the police officer, brings in a recording of Hester admitting to being the killer.

Munsch goes to Zayday with a deal, she'll pay for Zayday to go to med school as long as she works there.

Dr. Holt is showing Zayday around. She's introduced to Dr. Cassidy, who quickly says he's not looking for a girlfriend.

Holt reveals that he's the first recipient of a hand transplant. He lost it at a superbowl party when his friend flipped the switch to the garbage disposal the moment the power went on.

Also, he went to Harvard. As they're leaving, Zayday puts her hand on Cassidy's shoulder. To her surprise, he's as cold as ice...except he won't melt.

Zayday promises the werewolf patient that they will have a cure in a week. She goes to visit Munsch to demand more females on staff. It's finally time to reveal the Chanels.

Their public images have been tarnished and they're living the broke life. Chanel gets the idea to start giving back. #5 got a job as a receptionist at a dentist's office. #3 mops floors and Chanel draws blood.

Munsch pulls up to their house in her limo. She gets them to enroll in medical school so they can work at the hospital. Zayday is doing laundry when a monster emerges from the end of a dark hallway. It's the Chanels, ready for their first day of work.

First stop is the locker rooms. Holt is taking a shower, with the curtain open being all sexy. #5 notices the creepy tattoo on his back. Munsch makes the Chanels ghost the doctors.

Zayday is speaking to the werewolf patients about her only possible cure, a lobotomy. #5 cuts in so that she may get a description of the patient's shower drain. It's only to help her throw up. Ingrid, the head nurse, makes it clear that she doesn't like the Chanels.

Zayday has told Munsch about the way the Chanels spoke to the were-patients. Munsch puts them on academic probation. Chanel asks if they're still getting paid. Munsch tells them they were never getting paid.

Chanel thinks that they'll be able to get their own medical tv show. All they have to do is find the were-patient's cure before Zayday.

Chanel goes to Holt in order to get information out of her.

Holts hand tries to strangle Chanel before Holt comes to the realization that they can use testosterone. Holt and Chanel stop the procedure and she gets to rub her success in Zayday's face.

While no longer covered in hair, the were-patient has absolutely no hair at all. The Chanels solution is a make over.

It was a success, however, they still think being a doctor is easy. Munsch wants Ingrid to keep intimidating the Chanels. They both have "plans" for the Chanels.

#5 is on the graveyard shift, as she's the only one without a date for the night. She helps the werepatient into a scalding therapy bath. The baths have a top to them that locks so that only their heads are showing.

The killer makes their first appearance. They put on a record and dance around them before chopping off the patient's head. Then the killer makes their way towards #5

"Scream Again" is a great premiere episode. It highlights all the bits that were well loved last season and builds on it.

Fingers crossed that the rest of the season is just, if not better. "Scream Queens" is on Tuesday's at 9, and make sure to visit the website to catch up on any detail you've forgotten.