Lyfe Jennings and Timbaland Smack Down Nick Cannon on 'Wild'n Out' (Watch)

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Timbaland, the Les Twins, Lyfe Jennings, and Jay Leno joined Nick Cannon and his crew for tonight's episode of MTV's Wild'n Out.

The show began when the Les Twins showed up to play "Eat Dat A-- Up" -- a dance game -- on the platinum team.

The legendary Timbaland brought a beat, while the twins brought their amazing dance moves. If you haven't seen the Les Twins dance, you can watch a few clips below:

Obviously, the twins and their team won.

Next, Jay Leno showed up to play the "Dating Game." Not sure how that ended up happening, but we're guessing Jay isn't a huge fan of the show.

Jay asked questions, while a player from both teams answered.

The purpose of the game is to be the worst date possible, the platinum team member won some points she told Jay her favorite romantic date is a "club called G-spot," even though "I know y'all kinda people don't know how to find that spot -- so I got the plug." But the gold team ended up winning.

Then, Timbaland played "R and Beef" against Nick.

Tim and team made up a song called "We Got the Munchies," with Tim beatboxing. But the gold squad won by bringing in Lyfe Jennings to sing "I Might Have to Slap Her Boyfriend."

But the fun really started when Lyfe Jennings and Timbaland both took on Nick in "Wild Style." The battle went like this:

Wild'n Out is the real empire /
This is dat /
I'ma let you know /
You ain't never gonna get it back /
Matter of fact /
I heard he was a sissy cat /
I'm looking for someone to battle /
Where's Missy At?

Heard you was a D boy /
12.5 a k boy /
Trick you out of that /
Little Wild'n a--- check /
And bring you back to me boy /
It's too many kinds in the world starving /
And all y'all n--- up here cracking /
So we gonna change the name of this f--- show from Wild'n Out /
To the real housewives of Nick Cannon

You can watch Tim and Nick go at it below:

Image credit: SpiceFatale

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