Michaels 'Racist' Jennifer Boyle Resurfaces, Claims She's a Victim

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Yes, Jennifer Boyle -- the nutjob who was captured on video screaming racially charged insults at a black Michaels employee -- has decided to pop back out of the woodwork and make a weak attempt at defending herself.

You may remember that Boyle's video went viral after she was caught calling the black employee an "animal" and making nonsense comments about her support for Trump.

Twitter users quickly identified Boyle, and they claim that she was involved in a similar incident at Peet's Coffee. You can watch the video here:

After the incident, Boyle essentially disappeared...until now.

In a bizarre interview this week, Boyle spoke with NBC 5 Chicago's Ash-har Quraishi. Boyle argued that she was, in fact, the victim -- and that she was the target of racism. She says that she only acted in self defense:

Looking at it now, I think that would have been the right thing to do. I really believe it's fight-or-flight kicked in, and I felt that I needed to defend myself -- that this wasn't about race, this was not about political views...this was about very poor customer service.

Apparently, hundreds of millions of years of evolution can be boiled down to the goal of good customer service.

Of course, as is always the case, Boyle had to insist that she wasn't racist, saying, "there's not one bone in my body that is racist or homophobic." She says those who called her racist are making false accusations.

We'll let you judge that.

But just as she did at Michaels, Boyle wouldn't let it sit there. She continued on to say that (at least in some sense) she did the right thing:

I believe that I stood up for myself...again, everybody is a work in progress.

We'll have just to wait and see whether she goes on to become a Trump surrogate. Perhaps she and Omorosa can co-head the Diversity office at the OPM...

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