Metallica Talks Hardwired To Self-Detruct and More On The Howard Stern Show

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Not only did Metallica rock out on The Howard Stern SiriusXM radio show, the guys also sat down for a chat with Stern about their new album titled, Hardwired To Self-Destruct.

While performing songs like "Sad But True" and "Master of Puppets" live on the Stern Show, the guys from Metallica still had some time to talk about the upcoming Hardwired To Self-Destruct album.

"Howard asked if they remember the old days when they just loaded a van and went to play. James said it's like 10 vans now. Howard asked about the Metallica logos on the amps," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said it must be a look. James said they try not to have a look which gives them a look. Howard said even the coffee cups have a look.

He said even when they set up in there they have a special plate for Lars' pancakes. Howard asked what the story is on that. Lars said a couple of years ago he switched some eating habits of his."

The guys were pretty open about walking into the studio to record a new album and what the process is like. After so many years making timeless heavy metal music, they seemed to have it down to a science.

"Howard asked about walking into HQ to start a new album and what happens when Kirk loses his 500 song ideas. Kirk said he put it on his phone and he didn't want to forget it," according to MF.

"He said he lost it all. Howard asked what they say to Kirk when he does that. James said he just hands him one of his riffs. Howard asked if they care about who writes what.

James said he and Lars have been driving this thing and they put the songs together. He said he has so many riffs and so many ideas.

He said Lars is a good editor. He said they have a great level of trust. He said they're all skeptics."

In terms of listening to artists like Justin Bieber, James Hetfield revealed that there is certain music that he has to listen to because of his kids. It's pretty much a reality most parents face where their kids may not have the same taste in music.

Meanwhile, Lars Ulrich shared his own story about his son asking him not to walk around with him on campus and having to keep a low-profile.

All-in-all it was a pretty awesome interview between Metallica and Stern. Hardwired To Self-Destruct is scheduled to release on November 18.

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