Jimmy Kimmel Preps For The Oscars and More On The Ellen Show

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As he gets ready to host the 2017 Oscars, Jimmy Kimmel dropped by The Ellen Show for a little prep. He sat down to chat about retirement rumors, DeGeneres' birthday party and much more.

DeGeneres asked Kimmel about the retirement rumors that started after he did an interview that seemed to be taken out of context. Kimmel said that he has three years left on his contract until 2020 and that maybe he would think about it.

However, Kimmel said he definitely didn't say he was retiring.

The TV host said that it was nice that people cared but then there were articles that gave a list of names of who could replace him.

Kimmel continued that by 2020 it's possible that there is no more United States so who knows what could happen by then.

DeGeneres wanted to know how Kimmel's nerves were before his hosting gig. Kimmel said he felt better after DeGeneres talked to him but he feels like he will be okay.

The Ellen Show host thinks that Kimmel will be okay but she wanted to find out more about the feud between Kimmel and Matt Damon.

Kimmel downplayed Damon's nomination jokingly and The Ellen Show cut to last week's footage of Damon's roast.

Kimmel said it was tough talk from a guy that was wearing 11 bracelets. He said he knows Damon won't be throwing an Oscar at him because he won't be winning one. Meanwhile, Kimmel said DeGeneres' birthday party was the best party he has ever been to.

He raved about her house and joked that she made the best of the 20 percent off Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons.

He added that there were so many celebrities there and he was shocked that DeGeneres had an actual relationship with Justin Bieber. DeGeneres said she tries to give him advice about what's going on in his life.

You can watch the awesome interview and more in The Ellen Show videos below.

Jimmy Kimmel Preps For The Oscars and More On The Ellen Show