Game Grumps Play Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric, Encounter Metal Sonic

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If you want to watch two gaming enthusiasts suffer through awful games, Game Grumps--hosted by Arin and Danny-- is the web series for you.

They often make crude jokes and reference nostalgic pop culture while goofing around in the world of mediocre games.

They already played Sonic '06. But now they've taken up a new challenge--Sonic Boom: The Rise of Lyric.

They say that Rise of Lyric is as bad as its 2006 counterpart: In past installments, they criticized the game's simple puzzles, awkward controls, glitch-laden gameplay, and poor writing.

The latter is present in their latest episode, as Danny described the writing as a "wave of suck."

After completing a simple puzzle, the Game Grumps encounter Metal Sonic, one of the antagonists in Rise of Lyric. A chase ensues, which makes Danny compare the game to Sonic 3-D World Blast.

But Arin quickly interjects and says that the latter is a far superior game despite being released on an inferior console.

The rest of the video covers the chase with Metal Sonic. It isn't particularly exciting, according to the Grumps, as the character is nearly indestructible.

And all potential hazards appear with enough notice for the player to get out of the way and avoid damage.

Overall, the Game Grumps' opinion of The Rise of Lyric reflect the critical reception: It currently holds a score of 32 on Metacritic.

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