Ellen DeGeneres Racist? Joke Sparks Outrage at DeGeneres and The Ellen Show

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Is Ellen DeGeneres a racist? We think that's quite a stretch, given her history. However, that's not what people are saying today.

Last night, Ellen DeGeneres posted the following image on her Twitter, @TheEllenShow:

While many took it as a harmless joke, a large number of Twitter users responded with anger to the post.

For example, user Jon Snow-ratio posted this response to Ellen DeGeneres' comment:

Another Twitter user said that someone on Ellen DeGeneres' show, The Ellen Show should be fired:

There were also people who came to Ellen DeGeneres' defense:

Today, Ellen DeGeneres decided to address anger at her Twitter post by posting the following:

We have seen racism controversies with Ellen DeGeneres before. In 2015, she did a sketch mocking Nicki Miniaj's butt.

We've covered DeGeneres for a very long time and we're confident that she's not racist. She supports Artists Against Racism, as well as several other charities that help predominantly minority children.

She's also a close friend of several prominent black celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, on whose show she came out as a lesbian. As of yet, none of her celeb friends have come out in Ellen's defense.

We're sure that this faux Ellen DeGeneres outrage will quickly pass... that is, until whatever comes next.

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