If Drake Doesn't Want to Be Meek Mill He Needs to Respond to Joe Budden's Latest Diss 'Wake'

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In a twist of the lyrical beef plot going on between Joe Budden and well at this point, just Joe Budden, Drake should respond or else he would be looking just as bad as Meek Mill did from a too little too late standpoint.

Joe Budden has released a second diss track titled, "Wake." Say what you want about Joe Budden, however, there is no doubt that he is using Drake's own tactics from the Meek Mill beef against him.

He even mentions in the newest diss track "Wake" that he waited five days and Drake still hasn't responded.

Budden also made sure that he quieted Meek Mill before he could do anything to get in the way of this seemingly one-sided battle.

Now, Budden's "Wake" has Drake looking a little on the Meek Mill side in terms of beef.

That being said, Drake is so much more popular and in tune with the fans and making sure his Summer Sixteen goes the way it should, that there is a chance he gives Budden the Murda Mook and Kendrick Lamar treatment by not responding.

Here's the thing. If Drake doesn't respond he will still make records and be one of the most successful artists out, after all, his Views album is still number one on the Billboard 200 Chart.

He's still getting paid either way and he is still relevant to everyone.

Budden on the other hand has a smaller more niche fanbase though he is a highly respected lyricist.

If Drake did respond it would only be to prevent himself from looking like his former opponent and to prove that he truly isn't scared to go toe-to-toe with anyone lyrically.

Stream/Listen to Joe Budden's "Wake"

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