Is the Sean Hannity/Megyn Kelly Feud About More Than Just Trump?

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The media's all abuzz this morning about the "surprising," "new" feud between Fox News' Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity.

On the surface it seems like it's just about their differing views on Donald Trump...but is it much deeper than that?

Kelly/Hannity Feud: Really About Trump?

On the surface, this feud does appear to be about Trump.

Megyn Kelly is slightly tough on Trump...but that's too much for Sean Hannity, who believes any questioning of Trump makes you Satan reincarnated. Given his feelings, it wasn't a huge shock when overnight, Sean Hannity posted this to Twitter:

And when a viewer pushed back, he followed up with this:

So suddenly, all of the media has gone into freak-out mode, and they're all shocked and chagrined:

The latter one was from a supposed media analyst.

The thing is, Megyn Kelly and Sean Hannity have been at odds for a while, and it's quite possible that they've been internally feuding just as fiercely all this time.

And as much as it would stroke his ego, this didn't start with Donald Trump.

It really began with Roger Ailes.

Roger Ailes and the Megyn Kelly/Sean Hannity Feud

You no doubt remember that earlier this year, (now-former) Fox News Chief Roger Ailes was accused by Megyn Kelly and a group of other female Fox hosts of sexual harassment, and possibly even assault.

The less reported part of that case however, was that Ailes was closely aligned with Sean Hannity, and Hannity was extremely unhappy when he found out about Megyn Kelly's accusation.

In fact, in his word's Kelly's accusation was "all BS":

That's not all... Before Hannity started publicly feuding with Megyn Kelly, he was publicly feuding with Gretchen Carlson (another Fox host who accused Ailes of harassment) over the same thing. WND quotes him as saying this:

So why did [Carlson] stay after such "harassment" asking for more airtime? If [she] had a new contract would [she] sue? I doubt it.
Why did [Carlson] send handwritten notes with smiley faces asking for more airtime after the 'alleged' traumatic incident?

But Hannity went a step further. According to The Wrap, Hannity threatened to leave Fox if Ailes left:

Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren all might exit the network if parent company 21st Century Fox gets rid of Ailes in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by former host Gretchen Carlson, according to a person familiar with the situation.

The three hosts have all spoken out publicly in defense of Ailes, who has been under internal investigation since shortly after the Carlson suit was filed. New York magazine reports that Ailes has until August 1 to step down or be fired.

So Sean Hannity was so angry about the Ailes accusations that he publicly lashed out at another Fox host, and then he threatened to quit. And yet the media is floored when Hannity attacks another Ailes accuser, Megyn Kelly?

Although the media mostly ignores it, if you look a little below the surface, it definitely appears that this Hannity/Kelly feud is not new, and it's about something much bigger -- and more personal -- than Donald Trump's presidential hopes.

We'll see where it goes...

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