Dana White Gives A Small Update On Brock Lesnar's UFC Future

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WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar might still be the Universal Champion, but the man is also teasing a return to legit competition by fighting in the UFC. UFC President, Dana White, has now given us a small update on Lesnar's potential MMA future.

As you might know already, Jon Jones became the new Light Heavyweight UFC champion by beating Alexander Gustafsson via TKO at UFC 232.

This opens the door for him to have a rematch with Daniel Cormier who is the current Heavyweight champion of UFC.

The fact that a Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier fight could happen soon means there's a fuzzy future for Brock Lesnar's return to the UFC. This is because Brock Lesnar was supposed to face Daniel Cormier instead before the latter retires.

During the UFC 232 press conference (via WrestleZone), Dana White gave a small update on Brock Lesnar's potential UFC future. You can read his comments on the matter posted down below.

"Absolutely. I think he’s already under contract with me. We were talking about it, and then he ended up signing a new deal with WWE. What I think happens is that he’s in a very unique position, because he can play this thing between UFC and WWE. They get right down to the wire, and I think Vince throws so much money at him that he goes ‘alright, I’ll do it again’. Because this is here no matter what. When he’s ready, he can come in here and fight and he’s gonna make a s***load of money here too. So it makes sense. I assume that’s what’s going on.

One thing we know for sure is that Brock Lesnar is out of the title picture for now. It appears UFC wants to stage Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones first before Lesnar decides to step inside the octagon again.

For now, Lesnar is staying in the entertainment industry for the time being with his next match being against Braun Strowman at WWE Royal Rumble 2019.

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