WWE TLC 2018 Results/Review: A Long But Decent Show

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2018 hasn't been the best year when it comes to monthly PPVs, but WWE has managed to end the year on a somewhat high note. After solid shows like Evolution and Survivor Series, this year's TLC ppv was also somewhat good.

The only thing that I think hurt the show was its length.

The show featured 10 matches overall and was a duration of four hours. If you count the one hour pre-show, the entire PPV was five hours long with 12 matches in total.

Things started off well with Buddy Murphy retaining his Cruiserweight Title against the feisty Cedric Alexander.

It was a back and forth type match and the right guy won. It's too bad nobody watches the Cruiserweights though because WWE always puts them on the pre-show.

The only other match on the pre-show for TLC was a very forgettable Ladder match between Elias vs Bobby Lashley.

Aside from Lio Rush getting involved, this may have been the most robotic Ladder match I have ever seen. Both Lashley and Elias aren't high fliers so this match was pretty uneventful.

Elias climbed the ladder and won the match, but it did nothing to advance his career. Bobby Lashley just acted like a sore loser and hit Elias with a guitar.

The main TLC show started off humorously as it was the finals of the Mixed Match Challenge.

The charismatic team of R-Truth and Carmella won the whole thing as they easily beat Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox. The pair will both now be the 30th entrants in their respective Royal Rumble matches.

After that was the Smackdown Tag Team titles up for grabs in an entertaining and fast paced Triple Threat match. The Bar retained against The New Day and The Usos in a solid effort.

The only thing I didn't like about this match was that it was really disorganized. The referee and the wrestlers themselves did not know who was legal so they pretty much just pinned anyone they could near the end.

The second match to make me laugh was Baron Corbin vs Braun Strowman. This TLC match never really took place because Braun Strowman let some other Raw Superstars to do the work for him.

Out to get revenge included Kurt Angle, Apollo Crews, Finn Balor, Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. Thanks to this short match, Baron Corbin is no longer the General Manager of Raw!

A solid but uneventful Tables match was next with Natalya facing Ruby Riott. There's not much else I can say about the match other than it was nice to see Natalya getting the victory.

Another uneventful match was Finn Balor winning against Drew McIntyre. It was an okay match that saw a distraction from Dolph Ziggler. I'm surprised McIntyre lost, but it's not going to slow him down.

The next match was an entertaining Chairs match between Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. While this match is not as good as their contests back in 2006, it was still a commendable effort.

Rey Mysterio won with a pinning combination and this was not the last shocking finish of the night. This is because the AJ Styles vs Daniel Bryan match that followed had a similar finish.

Daniel Bryan beat AJ Styles using a cradle to retain his WWE Title.

I'm surprised Daniel Bryan won cleanly, although I'm not sure what else AJ Styles can do from here. Hopefully a feud between him and Randy Orton can occur at WrestleMania 35.

The next title match was Ronda Rousey tapping out Nia Jax for the Raw Women's belt.

This may have been one of Ronda Rousey's best performances as she looked really comfortable in the ring. I'm glad Ronda Rousey won decisively since Nia Jax doesn't deserve a huge push after injuring Becky Lynch.

The most surprising match at TLC was the fans chanting "This Is Boring" during the Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose match. The match was okay in my opinion, although I have to admit I got bored too.

Dean Ambrose won cleanly with Dirty Deeds and he is the new Intercontinental champion. Hopefully a rematch happens where they can make the match less boring.

The TLC PPV ended on a very high note as the Smackdown Women's Title match stole the entire show. Charlotte Flair speared Asuka through the barricade and Becky Lynch crashed through tables while climbing a ladder.

The end was cool because Ronda Rousey interfered to get revenge on both Charlottle Flair and Becky Lynch. This enabled Asuka to win and become the new Smackdown Champion.

Overall, I thought TLC 2018 was an entertaining and unpredictable show. The only downside to it was that it was very long and I got tired watching five hours of wrestling in one day!

Verdict: 8.0/10

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