Comedian Jim Jeffries Hits The Nail On The Head With Cecil The Lion Comments

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Comedian Jim Jeffries makes a splendid point in his message to those who don't see how the importance of Cecil The Lion matters with other problems going on in the world.

"I get pissed off when something like that lion gets shot and people start commenting things like 'everyone is so upset about the lion, when there are people dying Africa every day' listen you f**king idiots!" said Jeffries in a Facebook post, "We are allowed to be upset by more than one thing at once."

Jeffries has a striking point, not only in the case of Cecil The Lion, but to every tragedy that happens. When a tragedy happens on a smaller scale or to the extent where it doesn't directly affect anyone, some are quick to point out that there are other problems.

Jeffries is acknowledging that yes, there are many other problems going on in the world, however, everyone is entitled to feel and express their emotions about multiple tragedies without being reminded that the world has many other problems.

Cecil The Lion's horrible death sent outrage across social media, celebrities and animal protection activists worldwide. Cecil The Lion also began and continues to trend on Twitter and Jeffries also retweeted Jimmy Kimmel's speech on the tragedy.

I get pissed off when something like that lion gets shot and people start commenting things like "everyone is so upset...

Posted by Jim Jefferies on Wednesday, July 29, 2015

For those who don't already know, a beloved Lion named Cecil was viciously hunted and killed for sport by Walter James Palmer, a Minnesota Dentist in Zimbabwe.

Palmer has since only apologized to his dental patients for killing the lion who was one of the most beloved creatures in Africa.

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