Piers Morgan (Who Hacked A Dead Girl's Phone) Calls JK Rowling a Loser

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Piers Morgan, the guy who is best known for overseeing the phone hacking of a dead girl, is now lashing out at JK Rowling and Jim Jefferies over their criticism of Donald Trump.

Morgan today wrote an article in The Daily Mail (a publication that even Wikipedia doesn't trust) entitled "Foul-mouthed rape comics aren't funny, JK has a magic for losing and Meryl's lost her marbles so - as they might say - why don't they all shut the F*** up?" The article says this about Rowling and other celebs: "As for JK 'do as I say' Rowling, Me-Me-Me-Meryl and the rest of the howling Trump-despising celebrities, to borrow the language of their beloved hero Jim Jefferies, why don't you all just shut the **** up?"

The feud between Morgan and Rowling and Jefferies is the result of an argument on Real Time With Bill Maher in which Jefferies argued that Trump's ban was, in fact, a Muslim ban.

When Morgan said that he was stoking hysteria, Jefferies responded about Piers' career.

Jefferies noted that like many washed-up celebs, Morgan had to go to The Apprentice to try to revive his career.

On The Apprentice, Morgan ended up beating out a country music star to become the apprentice to Donald Trump. Since then, Morgan has been sucking up to Trump, whom he has called his "close personal friend."

When Jefferies mentioned that Morgan's claim-to-fame was The Apprentice, Morgan was not happy. Later Jefferies told Morgan to 'f**** off.' Since that incident, Morgan has been lashing out at Jefferies and anyone who supports him, including Rowling.

Which brings us to today, when Piers Morgan -- a guy who has been fired from nearly every job he's had (The Daily Mirror, CNN, Good Morning Britain, ...) -- called Rowling -- who is one of the richest self-made people in the world -- a loser.

In today's article, Morgan also said this: "Ms Rowling, whose sense of political and cultural self-importance is staggeringly overblown for a woman who writes about Hogwarts and Muggles, didn't like that either." Given that CNN legend Larry King once suggested that Spongebob Squarepants would be better for the network than Morgan, that argument seems specious at best.

To us, it seems that writing about fantasy wizards is a bit better than being compared to a yellow cartoon character who plays music through his nose.

Morgan also hit Rowling on Twitter, tweeting that people no longer listen to Rowling. Notably, Rowling has around double the Twitter followers that Morgan has.

Will this feud continue like Morgan's feuds with so many other celebs? We'll see.

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