Bobo Calls Asks Howard Stern About 'Disclosure Forms'

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This week the Howard Stern universe has been in for plenty of treats. Today, Bobo called in to SiriusXM radio show to ask Stern a question he has been holding on to for 5 years.

Bobo denied bragging about the Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate fight yesterday after he unfriended Stern on Facebook.

"Bobo said he has a regular question or a question he's been holding on to for the past 5 years," according to MarksFriggin.

"Howard said he wants to hang himself. Howard said when Bobo gets on the show comes to a screaming halt. Howard said it's crazy. He said he doesn't ask the question. Howard said it's frustrating."

The Stern crew knew that Bobo's question would be lame but they still humored him anyway. It was a pretty boring question, though, Bobo thought that it was an "interesting" one.

"Bobo asked Howard if he had the women he dated, after his divorce, sign a 'disclosure form,'" according to MF.

"Howard said it's great that he had 'sign a disclosure' waiting for 5 years. Howard said it's a non-disclosure.

Howard said it's hard enough to get girls to sleep with you. He said he isn't going to have them sign a non-disclosure form. Howard said he's fine with them talking about it."

Stern actually said that Bobo is funny but that people are going to start asking him to stop answering the phone when Bobo calls in.

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