Best Reactions to Howard Stern Re-Signing With SiriusXM

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When Howard Stern announced that he would be re-signing with SiriusXM there were a ton of awesome reactions from Stern Show crew, guests and Wack Packers. We decided to compile a few of the best reactions to Stern's announcement.

Shuli Egar, JD Harmeyer and Gary Dell'Abate all gave their reactions through the Stern Show Periscope account. At first, Egar couldn't get over what was discussed earlier on in terms of High Pitch Erik eating "sh*t babies," as Egar said, however he said he was happy to be working another five years for the king of all media.

Harmeyer seemed happy and so was Dell'Abate who said he was psyched about the announcement. Memet also said he was excited that he could finally get out of the ghetto.

Meanwhile Robin Quivers began to cry but told Stern and the rest of the listeners she couldn't understand why she was crying.

"Robin said it's an honor and a real joy to be there. She said that she is just looking forward to a great 5 years," according to MarksFriggin's rundown.

"Robin said she didn't know the last 5 were going to be the way they were. She said she's glad she got through it and was able to be there for all of the shows she was there for."

Former guest and Stern Show lover Jillian Barberie celebrated the good news with a new Howard Stern bikini photo, which she tweeted to the Stern Show.

Alternative rock band O.A.R. tweeted in celebration of Stern's 5 year contract.

Original MTV VJ Martha Quinn tweeted about the news and also about Adam Sandler's appearance.

Bobo told Stern that he was very excited for him and how much he enjoyed the segment with Quivers. Bobo also seemed pretty excited about the video component of the next five years and Stern ended their little chat by asking Bobo to write five more years worth of questions.

It looks like listeners and soon to be viewers won't be able to escape Bobo.

Matthew Berry also tweeted his delight upon hearing the big announcement. These were just a couple of the many who wished the Stern Show well and we would also like to do the same. Here's to another five years.

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