'Beauty and the Beast' Star Luke Evans Makes His Ellen Show Debut

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All it took was a remake of a Disney classic to get actor, Luke Evans to The Ellen Show.

The star stopped by to chat about the upcoming Beauty and the Beast film, his adoration of Adele an even showed off his own singing chops.

DeGeneres said that it was a ritual to show shirtless photos of someone if it's their first time on the show. Evans got a little red in the face as The Ellen Show rolled some of the shirtless photos.

He joked that DeGeneres ruined it and he was going to stop doing so. Meanwhile, The Ellen Show also had a shirtless video of Evans, however, it was his singing that drew more attention.

Evans explained that he was in his living room watching Adele's live performance and he was belting out the song along with her.

The footage was captured as Evans said he would facetime his mom and sing to her. He was expecting DeGeneres to have Adele there to surprise him, unfortunately, this wasn't one of those magical moments.

DeGeneres did have a mock shower with a special curtain of Evans standing next to Adele.

Evans got in and started singing his favorite Adele song, "When We Were Young." You can check out the hilarious interview with Luke Evans in The Ellen Show video below.

Beauty and the Beast is set to hit theaters on Friday, March 17.

'Beauty and the Beast' Star Luke Evans Makes His Ellen Show Debut

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