'Only The Brave' Star Taylor Kitsch Visits The Ellen Show

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Taylor Kitsch is one of the actors in the star-studded film Only The Brave and he took some time to visit The Ellen Show and promote the movie.

As fans of The Ellen Show and Kitsch would expect, DeGeneres had the actor chat about losing weight for his role and being shirtless.

Kitsch was visiting The Ellen Show for the fourth time and DeGeneres asked him if he knew about the tradition. DeGeneres then said that they had to show shirtless photos of Kitsch who said he had to lose 30 pounds for the film Waco.

He is working on gaining the 30 pounds back so he is eating everything in site at the moment. Meanwhile, Kitsch said he has been to Africa about 10 times already.

He has been with multiple charitable associations that are doing great work in the country. DeGeneres then chatted about Only The Brave and said how much she loves firefighters.

Kitsch said that the cast is amazing. They built a 3-4 acre set with trees that were connected to propane tanks. It got pretty hot on the set as the crew film, making for some pretty tough but realistic conditions.

You can watch the rest of Kitsch's interview from The Ellen Show and more in the videos below.

'Only The Brave' Star Taylor Kitsch Visits The Ellen Show