'Arrow' Recap: 'Haunted' Season 4 Episode 5, John Constantine to the Rescue

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Sara's condition seemed dire in CWTV's Arrow. In "Haunted," episode five of season four, the team seeks help from another being with super power in hopes to restore Sara's soul to her body.

Sara has a new darkness within her thanks to Laurel and Thea's plan to bring her back from the dead with Malcolm's final approval. Oliver calls for the assist from John Constantine, who is often referred to as an occult detective with mystical powers and a pretty intense attitude.

Constantine was featured in the Hellblazer comics which makes perfect sense to have him in the Arrow series.

Meanwhile Oliver, Diggle, Felicity and the rest of the team still have to deal with Damien Darhk and his plan to destroy Star City so that it can be reborn again.

The mystical happenings begin as a waitress takes the trash out. She is attacked by two men but Sara approaches and saves her. Sara then turns her attention to the woman and speaks to her in a weird language.

The police show up and Sara takes off. Oliver is meeting with his campaign manager who is asking him about anything that could create a scandal during his campaign.

The manager makes a good point and tells Oliver that Laurel Lance is a reminder about his rich playboy ways.

In a flashback, Oliver is being taken in by the mercenary who found his communications pack. He takes him to the boss who doesn't want to hear anything about it. That's when Oliver meets Constantine who is suffering a beating at the hands of the head mercenary. In present day, Laurel approaches her dad who tells her the men were attacked by a blond woman.

He also mentions that three people died at her hands. Lance says that he is not proud that people are dying when Laurel brings up him pointing a gun at his daughter.

She says she will find Sara before he does.

Felicity finds out that Curtis was a bronze medal winning decathlete in the Olympics. However, she was more concerned about having Curtis clear up some of the audio on Ray's message he left her. Lance meets with Darhk who asks him for a favor. He wants him to gain access to a federal farm and plug a device into the computers.

Darhk says not to worry it's not like it's going to destroy the city. Thea and Oliver are training and the words of the campaign manager is getting to him.

Thea tells him that pretending that he doesn't know who his friends are doesn't seem unified.

Meanwhile, Felicity calls in an attack by a Blonde woman and when Oliver and Thea arrive they see Laurel struggling with Sara. Oliver now knows that Sara is alive and killing innocent and not so innocent people. When the three return to the lair Oliver is not happy when he finds out that Laurel and Thea spent their weekend at Nanda Parbat.

Oliver is upset that Laurel didn't come to help her find her. Oliver tells her that she played with forces she doesn't understand and people are dying because of her.

In a flashback, Oliver is being sent on a mission with another mercenary and Constantine to find what he was looking for. Constantine uses magic to escape his shackles and is able to escape but brings Oliver along with him as a guide. Lance and Oliver visit and Lance is on the edge because of Sara and the computer virus that Darhk gave to Lance. Oliver sends Diggle along with Lance to break into the federal building.

Diggle tells Lance about H.I.V.E. and how they killed his brother.

Lance defended himself by telling him the same story he told Oliver, he is being blackmailed by Darhk. Diggle says that Lance being on their side will help them take down H.I.V.E.

Oliver has to explain to Felicity that the world is more complicated than people understand. She tells him about the message that Ray left her and tells Oliver she didn't want to listen to the message initially. Oliver tells her that he would give everything to spend a minute with those he lost but what Sara is doing is not right.

Just then, Felicity notices that both the girls Sara attacked looked like Thea. Sara attacks Thea at her apartment and continues to speak in the strange language. Sara is really doing a number on Thea who tries to escape after knocking Sara aside.

Thea falls down the stairs while trying to escape and manages to hide causing Sara to move in the wrong direction. However, she is seriously hurt.

Oliver and Felicity are in a hospital room and Thea comes to. She explains that Sara tried to kill her and she realizes that it's because of the pit. Thea admits that when she went to Nanda Parbat she killed two men because of Malcolm.

She said he was trying to keep her bloodlust at bay. Laurel arrives but Oliver pulls her aside and tells her that Thea is having killing tendencies because of Malcolm.

Laurel calls him a hypocrite for bringing his sister back but getting down on her for bringing hers back.

She says she is sorry about Thea and she loves his family, she just wishes that he gave a damn about hers.

In another flashback, Constantine leads Oliver to an area and explains that the island has dangerous things that people won't understand. Oliver leads him to an are and Constantine picks up a plant, whispers magical words and conjures up a portal.

He then tells Oliver to go down the rabbit hole. Diggle and Lance plant the device that Darhk wanted but they are trying to figure out why Darhk wants certain names erased.

Laurel wakes up at Thea's side and apologizes for bringing her sister back. Thea explains the bloodlust to Laurel and Laurel says she doesn't want Thea to have to risk her life. The sensors go off at the plant and uses Diggle as a decoy to help them escape.

Back at the hospital Sara seems to have found Thea and in the meantime, Laurel and Oliver are in the hall trying to talk again.

Thea tries to explain to Sara that she knows why she is there and she wants her to do it.

Oliver and Laurel hears the commotion in the room and Sara jumps out of the window after throwing Thea to the ground.

Oliver brings Thea to the laid and says he looked Sara in the eyes and she is not there. Sara doesn't have her soul and Oliver thinks she can sense Thea. Thea wants to use herself as bait and the team agrees. In a flashback Constantine is telling Oliver about places in the world that people can't understand.

He handcuffs Oliver to keep him put while he approaches an artifact. Oliver escapes and follows him to the room. Constantine pulls the sword and Oliver has to save him from a trap.

Lance is approaching Darhk about the records that he erased. He finds out that Darhk ordered the death of Diggle's brother because he was a crime lord. Darhk asks him if he is done. Thea is at the old stomping grounds and the bait works.

Sara shows up but the team is there to back her up. Laurel points a gun towards Sara but Oliver uses a tranquilizer arrow.

He tells Laurel that they will get Sara's soul back. He calls up Constantine to fulfill a favor he owes him. Constantine will be making his way to Star City.

Constantine shows up and says he has restored a soul once before. Constantine says if he knew Oliver was surrounded by pretty girls he would have stopped by sooner. Oliver places Sara on a spell in the middle of the Lair and Constantine says if things go wrong they'll all end up dead.

Constantine says he can only send two people back to the other realm. Thea volunteers but Constantine says it's not a good idea.

Oliver and Laurel will take the trip to the other side. Constantine says whatever has her soul locked away is not going to give it up without a fight.

The spell begins and Oliver and Laurel are transported to the other side with Constantine. They hear screams from sara and Constantine conjures up a way to find the right direction for them to head in. They begin battling Sara's keepers who are guarding her in the Lazarus Pit.

Constantine distracts another guard while Laurel and Oliver try to free Sara. They succeed and when they come back, everyone is safe including Sara. Sara has her soul intact and Laurel and her father couldn't be any happier.

Oliver tells Constantine that they are battling Darhk and he tells Oliver his advice is for them to leave town. Thea tells Oliver that she thinks Constantine looks yummy after he leaves. She thinks Oliver will blow up on her for Nanda Parbat but he doesn't.

In the final flashback Constantine tells Oliver to remember that the island isn't just about narcotics, it's about other mystical items. Constantine offers Oliver a ride off the island but he refuses, he wants to help the people that are trapped there.

Constantine hands him a piece of the artifact to take back to camp and leaves him with protection against the rest of the mercenaries. Constantine is instructed to punch Oliver in the face so he can escape and he does.

Oliver receives a visit from Laurel who tells him that Sara is resting. She thanks him for bringing Sara's soul back and for inviting her to his campaign. Laurel and Oliver make amends.

Lance visits Diggle with the information he received from Darhk. He tells him that he doesn't have to read the files and he can remember his brother how he knew him.

When Diggle reads the file, he asks if Lance is sure. Lance apologizes to Diggle and Diggle thanks him for bringing him closure.

Curtis is visited by Felicity and he has had a ton of energy drinks. When she hears Ray's message, he says that he is alive and he is in trouble.

"Haunted" really sets the tone for Sara's reemergence and her new role.

It was pretty refreshing to see Joh Constantine's character appear in true form.

Comic fans will love the episode but the real question is, when will the team face off with Damien Darhk? Fans will have to be a bit patient until The CW's hit series Arrow returns with a new episode on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST.

Photos that sum up tonight's episode.

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