'Arrow' Recap: 'Beyond Redemption' Season 4 Episode 4, Sara Returns

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Fans of CWTV's Arrow were shocked when Thea and Laurel went back to Nanda Parbat to bring Sara back to life.

In "Beyond Redemption" the fourth episode of season four, Laurel is going to have to face her father after what she's done.

Laurel is now in a world of worry after Sara was brought back as a revenge seeking and hatred filled person. She is completely unrecognizable in her behavior and Capt. Lance will have to face a daughter he doesn't recognize. Oliver seeks the aid of Lance but he is shocked after uncovering that Lance and Damien Darhk have been talking.

Thea is still battling her inner demons and has to live with the fact that Sara is out to kill her. Felicity continues to to work with Palmer industries.

Diggle has a newly regained trust in Oliver making their friendship stronger than ever.

The action begins as a group of drug dealers prepare for a deal. They are stopped by SWAT of at least people disguised as SWAT. Officer Warner takes out the drug dealers and instructs her team to move out. Thea and Laurel talk about keeping Sara a secret from Oliver to escape his judgement.

Diggle joins the two who are waiting for Oliver to make his announcement. They are in Sebastian Blood's old campaign office and Oliver tells everyone that he will be running for mayor.

No one takes him seriously until he begins explaining the idea. He will be backed by Palmer Industries but Oliver doesn't feel he's receiving everyone's support.

The officer has a secret elevator that takes them down to the new lair. Oliver, Felicity, Cisco and STAR Labs helped build the lair. Meanwhile an alert comes in about two police detectives being shot. Thea and Diggle leave to do recon while Oliver seeks Lance's support in his campaign.

Laurel asks Felicity what Thea thought she was wearing but Felicity has no idea. Oliver ends up in Lance's office and tells him he has decided to run for mayor.

Lance laughs him off but agrees to endorse him and slides him the evidence he was holding. Lance received a text from Laurel who says she needs to see him.

In a flashback, Oliver is helping the captive he saved stay hidden. She says that the men he was working with are a brotherhood and asks why he's helping her. Curtis and Felicity are addressing a prank that Curtis finds familiar.

He realizes that Palmer's ATOM prototype has the same code and shows his last recorded statement. Felicity doesn't want to relive the way Ray died and she is interrupted by a message from Oliver.

Oliver has the sim card from Lance and Felicity begins tracking it to find out where it came from. She finds the source and Thea, Diggle and Oliver go to work.

The Green Arrow, Speedy and Diggle check a room that has military grade weapons. They found Star City Police Department uniforms which prove that the SCPD are the ones who killed the other cops. Meanwhile, Laurel leads her father down to a basement where she is keeping Sara and when he sees her he almost has a heart attack. Lance wants to know how this is possible and Laurel tells him it was because of the League of Shadows.

Lance says that it's not his daughter but Laurel says if they are patient they can help her find her way. Laurel shows Sara a photo of the family.

She tries to convince Sara that they are her family and they love her. Sara asks who she is and just when they think there is hope Sara tries to strangle Laurel.

The team is baffled by the fact that Star City Police are behind the stolen drugs across the city. Oliver wants to stage a drug trade and has to use Felicity's money and Thea's drug contacts. They meet with a dealer and ask for 80 keys.

Lance is in his office pondering what he saw when Oliver storms in and tells him that the detectives were killed by cops.

Oliver says it could be anyone but he needs Lance to get the word out about the deal. Lance says he wants to be there to bust the crooked cops.

In another flashback Oliver lies to the rest of the mercenaries about killing the woman. They don't seem to believe Oliver so they ask him to show them the body. The entire team is in place for the drop in present day but the SCPD undercover team swoops in.

A battle begins between Oliver and Warner and he ends up putting an arrow through her. She manages to escape along with the rest of the team. Lance tells them that those weren't cops.

Back at the lair Lance joins the team as they go over what happened. The SCPD was using anti-vigilante weapons and Lance tells the team he'll get down to the bottom of the missing weapons. Warner and the rest of the team think about the hard night they've had.

The rest of her team wants to kill Lance but she says they are not criminals, just people who want to feed their families. Warner actually says that Lance is a solution.

Curtis is excited about the technology and possible message from Palmer. He asks Felicity if she knows the password and she says that she does. However, she doesn't want to hear from her dead boyfriend.

Curtis tells her a story about his brother who passed away, he says that he would give anything to hear his voice again. Meanwhile, Lance meets with Darhk to ask him to help Sara.

Darhk is a former member of the League and the only advice Darhk gives Lance is to put Sara down. He says Sara looks like his daughter but doesn't possess her soul.

Oliver is training when Felicity walks in. Felicity shows Oliver Warner's file and she suspects that she might be behind the heists. Just then, some security footage comes in and Oliver notices both men, it's Lance and Damien Darhk. Oliver surprises Lance at his house and he is all business. Oliver asks Lance what he was doing talking to Darhk.

Lance begins to try to explain but Oliver cuts him off. Lance says it's complicated and explodes on Oliver however, Oliver says that Lance was more righteous than him until tonight.

Lance says he teamed up with Darhk to help the city but when he found out who he was it was too late.

Oliver says that Lance was the reason that he was running for mayor. Oliver says he doesn't know what he's going to do when Lance asks.

In a flashback Oliver is continuing to lie to his mercenary friend but he is still skeptical. Either way they notice that Oliver is dark and there is something cold inside of him.

Oliver asks if he is afraid of him but the mercenary says he is the same way and if he is lying to him he'll find out.

Oliver is at the loft thinking when Thea walks in.

The reminisce about going to the ballpark back int he day and he tells her he doesn't know if he wants to run for Star City mayor because the city is changing, it's not longer the city he once knew.

Lance visits Sara in the basement and begins to get emotional. He tells her that he is sorry but it's not her. He points a gun to Sara and Laurel walks in to try to stop him.

He says she has no idea the terrible things he has done to protect them. He breaks down and Laurel is there for him but he walks out.

Warner and her team pays Lance a visit and dishes out a minor beating on Lance. Laurel comes in as they are taking her father away but she is tased and taken down.

The crooked cops bring Lance to the SCPD's incinerator where all of the drugs are destroyed. Warner tells Lance that she isn't a criminal, just a desperate cop who got backed into a corner. She uses Lance to access the disposal facility. Warner intends to leave the city with all of the drugs so that Lance can't catch them.

Before they could escape, the Green Arrow and his team come in to save Lance and take down the crooked SCPD force. Black Canary, Diggle, Speedy and Green Arrow are all doing great but when Oliver turns to let Lance go he is stabbed by Warner.

Lance has to talk Warner down by telling her that they are not "Beyond Redemption".

He says the only way to save their home is by saving themselves first. He strikes the right cord with Warner and she lets the Green Arrow go and gives herself up as well.

The next day Oliver surprise Lance at his apartment again and asks him if he believes what he told Warner. Oliver wants him to stay on the inside and says that he trusts the man he heard earlier. In a flashback, Oliver leads his friend to the body of the woman he supposed killed.

He asks him if he is satisfied and the mercenary just replies by telling Oliver to get rid of the body.

Oliver wakes her up but while the mercenary is walking away he finds Oliver's pack. Oliver's cover has been blown.

Oliver gets back to his campaign office and sees that Thea has a huge office full of interns. She even prepared his speech. She is in full support of her brother who makes a live speech to announce his candidacy for mayor. He starts by telling the people about his flaws but tells them his one goal is to save the city.

Darhk receives a strange box while Laurel keeps an eye on Warner. Felicity finally enters the password and is brought to tears after hearing Ray's voice.

Oliver ends his speech by pushing a united city. Laurel goes to check on Sara but she has escaped and is on the loose.

"Beyond Redemption" was a somewhat emotional episode as Lance's character hasn't been tested like this before.

Oliver and his team are slowly but surely breaking down Darhk's wall and it looks like there are inching closer to taking him and his ghosts out.

Fans will have to be a bit patient until The CW's hit series Arrow returns with a new episode on Wednesdays at 8 PM EST.

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