'Arrow' Recap 'Broken Arrow' Season 3 Episode 19, The Arrow & Atom V.S. Deathbolt

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The "Arrow" fans were thrown for a loop when Roy turned himself in as the "Arrow." This week in "Broken Arrow," the nineteenth episode of the third season, Oliver has to team up with Ray to take down a formidable enemy.

Deathbolt is a new breed of criminal. Much like the villains of "The Flash," Deathbolt is a meta-human that uses plasma energy blasts to kill citizens of Starling City.

Due to the relentless efforts by Lance to take down Oliver, he is forced to sit this one out and let Ray flex his muscles in the new Atom suit as a part of Felicity's plan to keep Oliver out of trouble.

If fans know anything about Oliver, it's that keeping a low-profile isn't his style when it comes to saving the city.

The "Broken Arrow" kicks off as the reporters announce that Roy Harper has been identified as the Arrow. As security watches the announcement from a bank, they notice a power surge followed by an outage. When one of the guards checks on the situation he is blast by Deathbolt, followed by his partner. Roy is being taken into custody by the police and Lance.

Just when Oliver decided that he would be signing off on a full confession, Laurel storms in and orders him not to say another word. Laurel says that the DA is ordering Oliver to be released.

Oliver is not happy and Laurel says she is just making sure he and Roy both don't end up in prison.

Ray walks in on Felicity who is drowning her worries in work. He is concerned about Felicity, however, she seems to be more concerned about him after he told her he loved her and she didn't respond. He tries to brush it off but she can tell that a part of him is still hurt.

Roy and Oliver sit down for a chat at the precinct and Oliver wants to know what he was thinking.

Roy says he is saving Oliver's life since he saved his in the past. He also believes that he needs to pay for the officer that he killed and he is okay with turning himself in.

A flashback occurs with Oliver, Maseo and Tatsu discuss how Oliver is going to break into Waller's office but Maseo makes it easy for him but giving him the access card. Malcolm tries to talk Oliver out of being the "Arrow," and Thea approaches Oliver about letting Roy take the fall.

Oliver assures her that he had nothing to with it and they try to devise a plan to take down Deathbolt and break Roy out of prison.

Just then Lance walks in with a warrant to search the club's basement, where they find all of the Arrow's weapons and tools.

As the police work on the investigation of they find that Roy is the only one that matches all of equipment in the basement and Lance is livid. Oliver and his team are faced to leave their safe house and he is trying to find a way to save the city, but keeps running into dead ends. Felicity has an idea and they end up at Ray's lab.

They brief him on the situation and and he prepares himself to take on the meta-human. In a flashback Oliver saves Waller from a holding area and it looks like she's been shot.

Waller says that the general was looking for a bio-weapon to take out China. Waller actually helps Oliver after dispensing the top secret information and tells him to run as far as he can.

Roy is being walked through prison to a meeting area where Thea waits for him with a phone in hand on the other side. She asks how he is and he says he told the guards that he didn't want to see her. He begins by telling her when they got back together he made a promise that he wouldn't lie to her again. He says by seeing her he will be breaking the promise but she needs to know that he will be fine.

Oliver tells Thea that Roy won't be in prison any longer as he works on a plan to get him out. Ray comes in with crucial information on Deathbolt.

They have to extract the radiation from him and Jake Simmons is the perpetrator. Ray tells Oliver that he needs to do this one alone because it involves science.

Diggle, Felicity and Oliver walk Ray through his first meeting with Deathbolt who brings ray a pretty big butt-whooping. He manages to escape but it looks like he was hurt in the process.

This episode is really interesting because it seems to be a pressing time but jokes are flying all over the place.

The humor is welcomed but the weird jabs involving Felicity, Oliver and Ray are a little over done. Nonetheless, Ray looks to be taking his task seriously, how will he bounce back?

Atom returns to the lair and Felicity immediately rushes to him to make sure he's okay. Oliver begins lecturing Ray on trusting his instincts more than he trusts his suit, if not, it's going to get him killed. Another cryptic flashback shows Oliver and the Yamashiro's plotting to steal the vaccines so they can survive the bio-weapon. Roy is being carried to his cell when he is attacked by a number of inmates that were put there by the Arrow.

He totally kicks ass before being rushed by officers. Lance is being urged by Lt.

Pike to stop going after Oliver when there is another suspect in custody.

Lance searches Thea's house and tells her about Roy's attack. He makes it seem like it's all Oliver's fault and it looks like Thea may be thinking the same.

Ray figures out that Deathbolt is getting his juice from an alternate source. Thea storms in emotionally to tell Oliver about Roy's attack. Despite warnings from Diggle not to try to break him out, Oliver says that he has lost everything, he will not lose Roy too.

Felicity tries to stop Oliver who says that he can't believe she and Diggle would sit by while Roy is in prison. Her answer? Maybe there is something else that Oliver is struggling with, the fact that there is no more Arrow because of Ra's Al Ghul.

She tells him that he's the man that she believes in and it looks like Oliver will wait it out before saving Roy.

The Yamashiro's and Oliver are looking for the vaccine in yet another flashback that ends just before someone walks in. Meanwhile, Lance has another discussion with Roy and he is trying to save him once again from incarceration.

Roy admits to killing the officer but Lance says that he shouldn't think for a second that being in jail makes up for what he did out in the streets.

Felicity gets in trouble as she runs into Deathbolt, who she recognizes but tries to play it off. She slips up and Deathbolt shows his true identity.

Diggle, Ray and Oliver realize that Felicity has been captured and Deathbolt even intercepts Ray's phone call. They realize that Felicity is in trouble and Ray needs Oliver to assist him via the lair. When Oliver's control is lost Ray is forced to fight back on his own.

Oliver gives him a pep talk when Ray seemed to be down for the count and he bounces up to take out Deathbolt. Ray saves the day and Felicity is there to greet him after the fight.

Roy is stabbed by an officer while in prison and when Oliver returns to the apartment, he finds Thea who just got word that Roy was killed in prison.

Lance puts salt into the wound by telling Oliver that he'd say he was sorry but they both know who's fault it was.

Oliver is picking up the pieces of the equipment in the basement when he is approached by Diggle and Felicity. He tells them he shouldn't have listened to either of them. However, they reveal that they had a plan all of their own and Roy emerges from the shadows. The attack was just to fake Roy's death and now Oliver is free to take on the role of the Arrow once again.

Roy tells Oliver to tell Thea he is alive and going off to start a new life. The team says goodbye to Roy and it looks like "Arrow" fans are getting the emotional episode the cast was teasing all of the days leading up to tonight's episode.

Oliver realizes he needs to learn how to let other people help him. Felicity leaves with Ray who has a strange look on his face before departing.

The final flashback shows Oliver telling the Yamashiro's to get to safety while he exposes the general, however, Tatsu gives him the same speech Felicity did. The episode ends with Ray locking Deathbolt in Dr. Wells containment holdings with Cisco.

They learn that Deathbolt was no where around the reactor explosion, leaving his state as a meta-human a mystery.

Thea is visited by Ra's Al Ghul and he tells her that Oliver will take his place once he gives him reason.

Thea tries to take on Ra's but he viciously attacks her and from what it looks like Ra's Al Ghul has killed Thea Queen.

Oliver's back is against the wall and the people of Starling City aren't sure if they can trust the "Arrow." "Broken Arrow" begins his struggle to figure out what he needs to do to restore the city's trust, Lance's trust and take down Ra's Al Ghul.

There is no telling what evil awaits the team but they are no longer alone, in Oliver's darkest hour he still has friends he can rely on to help him fight evil.

Fans who want to see what happens next can tune in next week at 8PM EST as "Arrow" continues on the CW.

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