'Arrow' Recap 'The Offer,' Season 3 Episode 16, Oliver's Decision & The Murmur

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The last episode of "Arrow" really shook things up for fans. This week in "The Offer," the sixteenth episode of the third season, Oliver has an important decision to make while the MurMur terrorizes the city.

One of the most intense villains, Murmur, is by far one of the most sinister as he has had his mouth sewn shut. Murmur uses his barbaric nature to spread fear throughout Starling City.

Laurel and Nyssa create a very surprising bond with each other after learning the have somewhat similar issues where their fathers are concerned.

Thea finally accepts Malcolm as a part of her life when Oliver brings returns with him, leaving him in the loft to recover from the torture endured on Nanda Parbat.

Felicity, Ray, Diggle and Roy all continue to find their place in all of the mayhem.

The action kicks off where it left off before the break. Oliver begs for Diggle to be spared when Ra's Al Ghul breaks the news to him that he wants Oliver to take his place. Ra's Al Ghul utters a language Oliver has never heard before. "The tale to be told begins thus," is the translation as Oliver and Maseo are led throughout the halls of the League of Assassins.

Ghul tells Oliver that the men who follow the path of the league has to die for him. Oliver asks if it's all supposed to impress him, however, Ghul is just trying to make it all known to him.

Ghul says that Oliver Queen is destined to be a man he can't be and that his city will turn on him.

He will be called a criminal, scorned, hunted and then killed, says Ghul. He tells Oliver dying will be his only crusade.

Nyssa and Thea argue as Nyssa does not believe that she killed Sarah. Thea begs to be killed because of her deeds, however, Nyssa does not grant it. Just ten Roy and Laurel rush in to save Thea in time and immediately question Thea as to what happened. Thea lies and said she wanted to pay her respects before walking away. Ghul's education session for Oliver continues as he tells him that man can only avoid death for so long.

Ghul says that he will soon be gone and he will be leaving behind a legacy, one that he wants Oliver to take over. Ghul tries to lure him in even more by claiming that the League stands for justice.

Ghul tells Oliver that when he takes his place, he can permit the League to stop killing because he will have full control.

When Oliver asks what if he says no and Ghul says he will be permitted to leave with Diggle and Malcolm, on their own free will with all debts paid.

Oliver is back home and Thea comes home happy to see him. Thea asks how it's even possible and just then they turn to see Malcolm in the loft. She says that there is no way that Malcolm is going to stay at the loft, however, Oliver only asks that she let him heal.

Oliver and Diggle argue over the reason why they were set free. Oliver is reluctant to tell him and remembers taking care of Maseo's son who is having a hard time being away form his parents.

Oliver loses him in a market place but finds him very close after. They both head over to the botanical gardens to possibly meet their parents.

Meanwhile, Oliver stirs things up by admitting that he brought Malcolm back much to the dismay of Felicity and Nyssa. Oliver gives a bit of a pep talk in order to change the subject from what exactly went on. The team immediately gets down to business as Oliver orders them to suit up. Meanwhile the Murmur is busy trying to steal some important information.

The Black Canary, Arsenal and Arrow rush in to stop them and Laurel slows them down a bit, to which Oliver tells her she needs more training. Arrow approaches Captain Lance who is upset that the Arrow did not inform him that his daughter was dead.

Lance gives the Arrow a speech on vigilantism and how he knew it was wrong but still trusted him. Lance says that the Arrow is a lier and he is done working with him.

Back at the office Felicity and Ray continue to work on the Atom suit. Just as the two get cozy, Oliver stops by and asks to speak with Felicity for a few minutes. Oliver starts out by saying he should have called before stopping by and after avoiding the awkwardness, Felicity finds more information on the Murmur.

Oliver admits that Lance is not on his side anymore and that he has every right to be pissed off. Felicity knows that there is something else going on but Oliver quickly thanks her and leaves.

Thea welcomes Laurel into the loft telling her that she would be more than welcome to killing Malcolm. However, Laurel is worried about Thea and the two begin to talk about their fathers, when they are interrupted by Malcolm clearing his throat. Thea tells him she won't apologize for what she did and she would do it again.

Malcolm tries to tell her that he taught her a vital lesson, however, she refutes the notion by telling him she did nothing for her except make her want to die. Malcolm asks her to show him the knife she held behind her back, then how to kill him but she doesn't.

A livid Nyssa approaches Ghul and asks why she let Oliver and his friends go. Nyssa is upset that her father chose Oliver over her and even takes a shot at her father who tells her to leave.

Diggle, Oliver and Roy do some research to find out why the Murmur is trying to steal and move the diamonds. Roy leaves and Diggle asks Oliver to tell him the truth to what is happening. Oliver says it's almost as if Ghul looked into his future and revealed that Ghul wants him to take his place.

Diggle is taken back by the idea that Oliver is even contemplating the offer. Oliver is beginning to question himself and is doubtful that he is making a difference. He finally says, "maybe I should be Ra's Al Ghul."

Oliver returns to Thea who is suffering with a bit of an identity crisis. She tries to remember who she was before Malcolm and she doesn't even recognize herself. Malcolm overhears Thea saying she didn't kill Malcolm because of what her mother would think.

She admits there is something broken inside of her just like there is something broken inside of Malcolm. Oliver is mad at Malcolm for encouraging Thea to kill him.

Malcolm knows that there was a condition that led Oliver to be set free along with Malcolm and Diggle. When Malcolm learns of the offer, he warns Oliver to not force himself into thinking he has no choice.

In a flashback, Oliver and Maseo's son walk right into trouble in the botanical gardens. In the present day, Felicity and Oliver have another small, awkward moment before she tells him that she knows about the offer. Oliver asks Felicity what he really accomplished, three people close to him are dead and crime isn't down.

Felicity tells him that she doesn't have the answer to why Oliver has taken the role of the Arrow and he has to figure it out on his own.

Roy and Diggle give Oliver some important information on the Murmur's whereabouts and the team gets right to work.

Meanwhile, Laurel pays her father another visit and explains that another friend of hers is having trouble with her father too, (Thea).

Laurel tells her father that she is ready to hear the scolding from her father and she will not give up on her relationship with her father.

Lance tells his daughter that she always wanted to save the world, however, he loves her and she is his daughter but he doesn't know if he will be able to forgive her.

The Murmur and his team of bad guys break into the precinct interrupting the father daughter fall out. Lance still protects his daughter by helping her escape. Lance is attacked by the Murmur as Nyssa comes in to save Laurel.

Oliver and the team arrives and an all out battle ensues. Everyone is at their very best including Laurel.

Murmur tries to escape but Oliver stops him dead in his tracks.

Lance breaks outside and asks the Arrow if he is waiting for a thank you, the Arrow says, "that's not why I do this." It looks like Oliver has found his reason for being the Arrow, but, what is it?

Oliver returns to the lair with the team and thanks Felicity for reminding him why he saves the city. Oliver saves the city to right his father's wrongs.

He says he never stopped to think about why and told Felicity that all he could think about was the police officers families who rely on the team to get them home safe.

Oliver says he's not ready to give up on what they are doing. Felicity confesses that as long as Oliver is in her life, she is happy, before receiving a call from Ray.

The final flashback shows Oliver and Maseo's son running away from the evil men as he runs into Shadow. Nyssa approaches Laurel and asks if she wants to talk about their issues with their fathers. Laurel agrees to a dinner together with Nyssa who tells her that her fighting skills could be improved. It looks like Nyssa will be finishing Laurel's training. Oliver tells Maseo that he will not be accepting Ghul's offer but Maseo says the choice has been made.

Maseo tells Oliver that there will be consequences if he continues to refuse the honor. Roy gets a knock on the door and when he doesn't get an answer, he opens the door to find Thea who is struggling to find herself.

Roy allows her to stay and the two of them embrace each other and share a kiss.

At the very end of the show, Ra's Al Ghul makes an appearance as the Arrow and leaves a very deadly mark. He is looking to soil the reputation of Oliver.

Ra's Al Ghul's proposal to Oliver was by far one of the most incredible plot twists. This week things have gotten even crazier as one of the most sinister villains yet took over Starling City.

It was interesting to see the development of the relationship between Laurel and Nyssa, especially given Nyssa's relationship with Sarah.

The mayhem will continue as the entire team finds a way to cope with the madness surrounding them. Fans who want to see what happens next can tune in next week at 8PM EST as "Arrow" continues on the CW.