Anthony Vincent Transforms Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' With a 'Disturbed' Style Cover

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Well it looks like I Prevail aren't the only ones that can turn a Taylor Swift song into a rocker's delight because YouTuber Anthony Vincent has just introduced a Disturbed twist on Swift's "Bad Blood" featuring Kendrick Lamar.

When I Prevail did their cover of Swift's "Blank Space" fans might have thought well this is as far as you can go with a cover right? Wrong. Vincent has taken it one step further and while he is known for his TenSecondCovers of popular songs.

He does a complete metal makeover on Swift's "Bad Blood," all in the style of the band Disturbed.

The cover is pure rock gold and you wouldn't even recognize the arrangement.

It's been completely stripped away and transformed into something that takes the hardcore nature of the song to a whole other level.

It's very clever how Vincent was able to mimic the style of Disturbed all the way down to the "oh wah ah ah ah" from the bands hit song "Down With The Sickness." It might be a little startling to the stereotypical Taylor Swift fan and could be a little insulting to Rock fans but it was done in good fun and will definitely entertain you.

Watch the Disturbed style "Bad Blood" by Anthony Vincent cover below.

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