6 Best The Weeknd 'Earned It' Covers On YouTube: Derran Day, Ciuffi Rossi, Jasmine Thomson & More

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After widespread success of his first mixtape "House of Balloons" in 2011, The Weeknd has continued to bring fans his sensual R&B vibe in his projects that followed.

Most recently his hit "Earned It" was featured in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" soundtrack and it's another one of the widely covered songs on YouTube. So, like we've done with a few other Billboard Hot 100 chart toppers, Empty Lighthouse has compiled six of the best "Earned It" covers you can find on YouTube.

The first cover on our list is the perfectly controlled voice of Derran Day and his take on The Weeknd's "Earned It." Day has a tone of soul in his voice and if you're going to take on a cover for a song this deep and sensual it's something you will need. His cover does differ from the original version but that's okay because Day's rendition is one that The Weeknd would be proud of.

It's an acoustic take with an R&B vibe that's even simpler than the original in terms of arrangement.

Day's vocal skills are second to none and he proves it with his cover. Check out Day's cover of "Earned It" below.

"Earned It" The Weeknd Cover By Derran Day

William Singe's one of a kind cover of The Weeknd's "Earned It" lands him on our list. This cover stood out because towards the beginning of the video, Singe goes through his process of completely revamping the arrangement of "Earned It," taking it from it's orchestral origin to the 90's style of R&B that could be found on a Ginuwine album.

If that wasn't enough, Singer then proceeds to perform the song in a way that no other YouTuber has.

It's an interesting take on the track and Singe's falsetto's are pretty much on point. Check out Singe's version of "Earned It" below.

"Earned It" The Weeknd Cover By William Singe

In an unexpected but brilliant twist to the list, the Italian duo of Ciuffi Rossi has landed themselves on our list. This cover is short and sweet but might surprise many who are watching.

If you aren't familiar with Ciuffi Rossi, they due consists of Alessio Bianchi and Marco Bianchi two brothers with brilliant voices.

Being that their native language is Italian there are a few areas where the accent comes in but it's in no way distracting from their vocal ability. Check out their cover of "Earned It" below.

"Earned It" The Weeknd Cover By Ciuffi Rossi

Jasmine Thompson may be breaking into the mainstream slowly but surely and her cover of "Earned It" proves why she's ready for the big time. Her version of "Earned It" is true to her haunting delivery that she is well known for.

He voice is quite close to a deep whisper that breaks into powerful notes accented with a soft falsetto. If you're a fan of Natalie Walker, then you'll probably Thompson's style. Check out her haunting cover of "Earned It" Below.

"Earned It" The Weeknd Cover By Jasmine Thompson

For an authentic version of The Weeknd's "Earned It" featuring the the same arrangement, Ceresia delivers with her cover. She has a strong voice and mixes in plenty of runs to show off her skills.

She does a great job of bringing the sensual nature to the song while keeping it tamed. Check out her "Earned It" cover below.

"Earned It" The Weeknd Cover By Ceresia

Catie Lee also uses the original arrangement but let's her own vocals do all the convincing when it comes to a successful cover of "Earned It." Lee also includes a pretty interesting music video to accompany her cover of the track. She does show a great sense of vocal controls and there is an awesome breakdown towards the end of the cover.

It's an interesting approach to covering "Earned It" but an interesting one nonetheless. Check out Lee's cover of "Earned It" below.

"Earned It" The Weeknd Cover By Catie Lee

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