YouTube's Niykee Heaton Covers 'Dresser' By 2 Chainz Featuring Young Thug: Beautiful

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Returning again with another beautiful acoustic version of a hardcore hip-hop song is Niykee Heaton with her cover of "Dresser" by 2 Chainz and Young Thug. has posted the video of Heaton covering "Dresser." The song is originally a hardcore song featuring a pretty heavy beat but Heaton manages to turn it into something completely beautiful.

The video shows Heaton in her room playing the guitar and displaying gentle vocals with the harsh words.

The original is a lot more sinister than Heaton's angelic version. She makes it rather incredible to listen to because of the completely reinvented way that she has with her voice.

A transformation of epic proportions is what her version of "Dresser" is.

Fans have responded to the YouTube star's video and the part that they have commented about for the most part happens to be the bloopers.

A little ways into the song Heaton messes up which makes for a nice little comedic aspect to her song.

Fans of the cover can also check out Heaton's YouTube channel for more covers.

Check out her cover of "Dresser"

Original With 2 Chainz and Young Thug