Wiz Khalifa Or Snoop Dogg?: Who Wears The Hair Better: 'Big Secret Tour'

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He may not be having the best time at the moment with the Amber Rose divorce but Wiz Khalifa keeps his sense of humor by tweeting a comparison photo of him and Snoop Dogg.

While both sport oversized button-downs it is clearly a case of a time trip in these photos. The Twitter post shows Khalifa sporting some strange Zebra pants, while Snoop sticks to some dark jeans.

The biggest difference is the object in their hands which Khalifa already picked up on. For the most part the facial expression is pretty much the same but it's time to get down to what matters the most, the hair.

Snoop Dogg has had a few different hairstyles in his day and the Jerry-curls are among one of the most memorable ones. The Twitter photo shows Snoop sporting the curls in all their voluminous delight. While Khalifa's hair looks similar he choses to go the route of the dreads.

As both artist showed off their hairstyles Khalifa is making his challenge for the hair title. Recently he also turned his dreads purple adding to his free spirited personality.

Divorce doesn't seem to have Khalifa down as he also tweeted, "Don't be discouraged if your positive efforts don't seem to pay off.

It's only a matter of time before people see thorough the illusion." He has managed to stay positive in social media despite the plentiful reports of infidelity sparking the divorce.

He also encouraged his fans and 15.6 million Twitter followers to, "Take action without taking action" and "Fight without fighting." Each of which could be a little hard to do without doing them.

Last Friday he announced that Uzi (LifeWithUzi) will be opening for him on the "Big Secret Tour" which will feature hits from his "Blacc Hollywood Album." So fans will have a shot to see Khalifa relatively soon once the show gets underway.

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