Is Wiz Khalifa Lonely After Amber Rose Files For Divorce? : Posts Photo Of Him And His Dog

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Rapper Wiz Khalifa is not having the best week as Amber Rose filed for divorce on Monday now it looks like he may be a little lonely.

Today Khalifa posted a photo of him and his dog with the caption, "Smile for the day." Despite his continuous efforts to stay positive on social media it would appear that Khalifa is feeling a little lonely right now.

He has turned to mans best friend for a little companionship which is understandable after being blindsided by a divorce.

Rose confirmed yesterday that she did file for divorce and she will also be seeking custody of their son Sebastian.

Rumors of Rose and Nick Cannon had been circulating following his statement saying he would be signing her to his management label.

With Cannon's marriage with Mariah Crey falling apart it looks like he won't be staying lonely for long if rumors are true of romance between the two.

Rose has also called Khalifa a cheater today via Twitter.

"Please stop with the fake stories.

I would never ever ever cheat on my husband in a million years I think u guys know this....," read the tweet which she followed up with, "Unfortunately my now ex husband can't say the same...." She also says that her main concern is with her son.

Meanwhile, a tweet from Khalifa earlier this week would insinuate that he will be prepared to do anything to keep his son. "Sebastian over everything," read his tweet earlier this week.

With all of the negativity surrounding Khalifa he seems to be choosing a different way in dealing with it rather than being upset.

While he keeps a positive outlook on life he is continuing to encourage his fans and social media followers to do the same.

Earlier today he tweeted, "Today is a magical day for many of us, let it be yours too." Khalifa looks as if he will be keeping his head up throughout the entire ordeal.